School News September 2020

October 14, 2020


Grade 5 (Girls)

Meet & Greet scheduled in the month of September, 2020 was conducted in the month of August, 2020 (school re-open). The objective was to provide support system and orientation for students. It also aimed to identify all the facilities and get the students familiarise with the new campus.

Grade 5&6 (Girls)

Teacher’s Day Celebration (physical & digital classrooms) was held on September 4th & 6th. The objective was to instill a feeling of gratitude towards the teachers. Student Council members had prepared a fabulous program for teachers. Programs included dance, song, skit and heartfelt gratitude towards teachers. Student teachers of grade 10 had come to the FTF classes and taught students English and skill - based subjects.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Computer Literacy’ was conducted on September 20th. This assembly was planned by the FTF students of grade 6 along with one student from grade 5 who presented an app that she has developed. It aimed to celebrate Programmer’s Day and to come up with innovative ideas.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Hindi Divas’ was conducted on September 23rd. Students planned and executed a mind - blowing assembly on the topic which involved song, dance & skit performance to promote Hindi language. It was an opportunity for them to celebrate Hindi Divas and propagate Hindi language & its cultural heritage among them through various activities.

Quran Recitation, Integrated Fair and Athletic Meet planned in the month of September, 2020 did not take place due to the current mode of learning.

Grade 5&6 (Boys)

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on September 6th. This day was an opportunity to appreciate the teachers for their contribution to the society and to build relationship between students & teachers. Students appreciated the efforts their teachers put throughout the year for their progress.

Art Competition was conducted on September 10th. Students demonstrated their talent in an artistic way and thoroughly enjoyed the activity. It helped to develop imagination, creativity and innovation among them.

Hindi Diwas was held on September 14th. The purpose was to commemorate the adoption of Hindi written in Devanagari script as one of the two official languages of the Republic of India by Constituent Assembly of India. It enlightened students of the importance of our national language and helped them in understanding the rich lingual culture of the country.

Periodic Test was conducted from September 6th till 17th. This test helped students to monitor and improve their learning with the help of feedback from teachers.

Grade 7&8 (Girls)

Teacher’s Day Celebration was held on September 6th. This special day was dedicated for the appreciation of all teachers. A special assembly was conducted by the Student Council members and each class organized a fun filled program for their teachers virtually.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Conquer the Fear, Exams are here’ planned on September 7th is postponed to the month of October, 2020.

Integrated Fair planned on September 14th was cancelled considering the present situation.

Intra-Class English Debate competition was conducted on September 21st. Students debated on the topics given digitally with great zeal and enthusiasm. Their knowledge on the topics was an eye opener.

Grade 7&8 (Boys)

Teacher’s Day Celebration was held on September 7th. The purpose was to honor teachers for their valuable contribution to the life of the learners. Students made a recording of their expression of love thanks to the teachers. They had videos of them singing, dancing, playing instruments. It was their way of showing gratitude for shaping their lives. This was shared through zoom so that all the teachers could enjoy it.

Innovation and Enterprises (Online Game designing) was organised on September 9th. Students created a game using any appropriate interface which could illustrate the importance of social distancing in the current scenario.

Hindi Diwas was celebrated on September 14th. This celebration aimed to encourage and increase the spirit of the development of Hindi Language among students. They made videos on importance of Hindi language and beauty of Hindi poems. All these videos were put together and played for the students through zoom session.

Talents Day planned on September 21st is rescheduled to the month of October, 2020 due to exams.

Grade 9&10 (Girls)

Teacher’s Day program was held on September 7th. This day was an opportunity for students to honor teachers and their contributions towards molding future citizens.

Hindi Assembly was conducted on September 23rd. The objective for students was instilling love and respect for the official language of India.

Talent’s Scan planned on September 27th is re-scheduled for the month of October, 2020 due to exams.

Grade 9&10 (Boys)

Onam Celebrations planned on September 2nd for a floral decoration competition in the campus was not conducted due to current situation.

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on September 7th. Students of grade 10 acted the role of teachers and they took classes for the grades 5 to 7. It was a wonderful experience for them and dedicated a day to teachers showing the respect & gratitude. A prerecorded video in which their activities like guess the teacher, games and their creative styles were presented.

Our students participated in the Hindi Divas program on September 15th. This school event aimed to mark the adoption of Hindi as the official language of India.

Grade 11&12 (Girls)

Teacher’s Day was celebrated through a teacher’s appreciation week from September 3rd to 6th. Students arranged various fun filled activities for the teachers to acknowledge & honour the hard work put in by them towards their success and enriching their personality.

Humanities Day – Metanoia was organised online on September 20th and 21st. It was an annual event hosted by the humanities stream that represents the disciplines of humanities and gives a brief insight to what they study & its importance. Metanoia promises to do what its name means – “A Journey of Changing One’s Mind”. The event subsumed segments pertaining to Sociology, Psychology, Home Science, Legal Studies, Marketing, Physical Education and Painting.

Fashion Design Technology competition scheduled on September 23rd was cancelled due to some technical issues.

Bizz Buzz event by the commerce department was conducted online on September 28th. The objective was to enhance students’ knowledge and practical skills about commerce through various competitions like Corporate Roadies, Elevator Pitch, UX Web Design, Bizz Fair and Budgetcon. With an amazing and diverse panel of judges comprising of a risk analyst, film director, a software developer, a project co-ordinator and even a radio jockey, the participants and audience had an entertaining & edifying experienced.

Islamic Studies Project Making submissions begun on September 28th.

Sciscape was organised online on September 29th. Through this program, science stream students showcased collaborative skills in their core subjects. It was an annual Science Fair organized by the science students, went virtual in 2020. With activities and competitions ranging from Sci-Spell, Sci-Search, Virtoon, and Background Reboot to Mathletics, it definitely gave participants a finer insight into the intricacies of the scientific world. It was also an opportunity for them to apply classroom knowledge in real-life situations.

Grade 12 (Girls)

First Term Exams continued till September 6th. These exams helped students to evaluate comprehensively their learning and understanding of the term 1 syllabus. It also helped the teachers to provide constructive feedback of the students’ performances.

Grade 11 (Boys)

Class Magazine Release was organised on September 13th. Students came up with class magazines which included poems, short stories, articles, reports, travelogues, facts, drawings, photographs and more. It was part of their summer assignment and students coordinated through different learning applications to make it successful. A total of eleven magazines with innovative names and content were released.

Grade 11&12 (Boys)

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on September 6th. Students showed their gratitude and love to their teachers. They entertained the teachers with the first of its kind – virtual program with spin the wheel, guess the teacher, a video montage of some captured memories and greetings #HappyTeachersDay.

Talent’s Day was held on September 15th. Through this day, students showcased their innovative, collaborative and a creative exhibition. They exhibited their talents in the form of musical band, group dance, wacky talents and movie making.

SciScape-2020 was conducted on September 22nd. During this activity collaborative, innovative and a creative work was seen. It was an immaculate array of science projects, math videos, documentaries and a truly ingenious math quiz. Students really enjoyed wearing their thinking caps and being amazed at the wonders of science.

ComFactor was organised on September 30th. This year the event is rebranded as E-Comm Factor with the merge of economics. It was a programme where commerce students are given an opportunity to gain practical knowledge in different fields of commerce such as Business Studies, Accountancy, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Economics and Salesmanship by taking part in various segments. Case study presentation, Start up challenge, Logo designing, Creation of advertising and Movie making were included. They were judged on the basis of their innovative & creativity skills, presentation, communication skills and information technology skills.


British School, New Delhi Model United Nations Conference was conducted from September 4th to 6th. Students from Oud Metha and IIS, DSO campuses took part in this conference. Students played role of delegates & political leaders in the conference and debated on various topics & agendas of common concern. They came up with solutions and framed resolution to bring them in action. The entire program develops the qualitative speaking, negotiation, diplomacy, collaboration, and team skills. Our school has sent delegation of ten students. IHS received two awards. It had five amazing committees where students have experienced immense debate and discussion on various uprising issues.

International Day of Democracy - World Debate Committee was held from September 24th to 26th for grades 5 to 12. On the occasion of this day, IHS has organized a debate competition. Teams from every section took part in various debate rounds. Students gained broad, multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines outside the learner's normal academic subjects. It increased learners' confidence, poise, and self-esteem.

Round Square Activity - Doon School Dehradun (India), Collaboration on Art and Artist was organised on September 28th for grade 11 & 12 girls. Students from different Round Square School came together to share their experiences on different art styles and their favorite artists. Students of fine Arts participated in this collaboration and spoke about their famous Artist & their unique art style. It developed their collaboration, presentation, oratory and artistic skills.

Round Square Post Card Activity was hosted by IHS on September 30th for grades 9 to 12. Round Square Council members played the role of moderator. This activity aimed to encourage schools of Round Square to share cultural aspect of their city and discuss on various issues to develop intellectual & communication skills. Twelve schools from South Korea, South Africa, Bangladesh, India, Tanzania, Zurich, Oman and Dubai participated in this meet. There was an intense level of discussion on the topic Multiculturalism: New Normal by the students of participating schools, teachers and moderators of IHS. Appreciation was received from the participating schools and as well as from Round Square Head Office.


Talks for Students on the topics ‘Time Management (grade 5) and Rebuild Self-Esteem (grade 6) were held on September 27th and 29th respectively. These talks guided grade 5 students to manage their time effectively in the DL mode. Grade 6 students were provided with tips and tricks to build on their self-esteem.

Talks for Students on the topics ‘Bully Proofing (grade 7) and Career Guidance (grade 11 girls)’ planned for month of September are postponed to the month of October, 2020 due to exams.

Additional Activities and Programs


Grade 5&6 (Girls)

International Day of Peace (Digital and FTF classes) was celebrated on September 21st. The purpose was to provide a globally shared date for all humanity, to commit to peace above all differences, and to contribute to building a culture of peace. Students celebrated this day by spreading the peace messages on canvas, painting on peace poles and making e-cards on peace.

International Day of Democracy (Debate Competition) was held on September 26th. Debate is a great device for engaging students and bringing life to the classroom. It helped them understand essential critical-thinking and presentation skills. They participated in an Intra School Debate competition. Students of grade 11 & 12 were the organizers of the event and played the role of adjudicators.

Grade 7&8 (Boys)

World Peace Day Celebration was held on September 21st. The day started with a message of peace from the Head Girl and Head Boy, continued by painting peace pillars and holding silence for two minutes. It helped students in understanding that peace is a way of life and its inevitable importance in everyone's life.

Grade 9

PT 1 was conducted from September 20th onwards. The purpose of this online test was to assess students learning to provide ongoing feedback. It helped them achieve the academic objectives stipulated for the subjects in the curriculum. The portions tested were from the month of April to June.

Grade 9&10 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘International Ozone Day’ presented by Topaz House was conducted on September 2nd. The objective for students was instilling a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the need to protect the ozone layer.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘World River Day’ presented by Emerald House was conducted on September 9th. During this assembly, students were involved in celebration of world’s waterways. It also aimed to highlight and improve stewardship of all rivers.

Grade 11 (Girls)

Class Magazine Release was organised on September 15th. This was an opportunity for students to enhance their extended writing in the form of articles, reports, poems, short stories, advertisements, facts, tips and more. Classes were asked to put together a magazine, with students donning the roles of copy editors, researchers, design editors, staff writers, illustrators and more, over the summer vacation. The result was an array of vibrant magazines packed with information and reports on topics ranging from current events to lifestyle to sustainability to pop culture and so on.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

Annual Fitness Challenge (flab-u-less) was conducted on September 30th. Students participated in competitions like tricep dip, push up and cheerleading. It was an online fitness challenge that witnessed students exercise passionately from the comfort of their homes. With a string of activities that were both fun and healthy, they were educated on the importance of physical exercise, especially amidst the pandemic.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

Fitness Challenge was conducted on September 28th. The overarching of this challenge was to provide a platform to all students to showcase their fitness skills. It also aimed to encourage and motivate other students to opt the fitness exercise in their daily routine which helps them to boost their immunity and stay fit for a healthy long life.


A Talk for Parents was held on September 23rd for all the parents whose wards receive LC support. Parents were guided to work on the literacy and numeracy skills.