School News November 2020

December 29, 2020


Grade 5&6 (Girls)

A Visit to a Place of Interest planned on November 4th was conducted on November 8th & 9th due to other ongoing sectional engagements. Students went on a virtual tour to places like Disney Land, Museum of Illusions, Miracle Garden, Kennedy Space Research Centre, NASA, and few other interesting places. They visited a place of their interest to refreshen their minds. It helped to develop their interaction with classmates and teachers.

Maths Pattern Rangoli Designing planned on November 15th was organised on November 11th & 12th due to the Diwali break. Through this competition, students created Rangoli designs online & offline and showcased their understanding of mathematical concepts. They learnt to use the mathematical concept of geometry while making beautiful patterns that triggered their creative imagination. The understanding of geometrical patterns became stronger which will get them to an advantage later on.

Children’s Day planned on November 8th was held on November 14th due to other sectional engagements. Students from grade 6 compiled a video and shared it with all to celebrate their way of fun & frolic on this special day. They were engaged in fun and interactive activities. They also got a good boost of energy.

Talent’s Day scheduled during this month is postponed to the month of December, 2020 due to several other sectional engagements.

Grade 5&6 (Boys)

Literary Fest activity was conducted from November 1st to 3rd. Students from Grade 5 were engaged in Favorite Story Review Writing while students from Grade 6 participated in Read Aloud Competition. The objective was to promote any authors' books and foster a love of literature and writing.

National Cancer Awareness Day (Thematic Assembly) was held on November 8th. This assembly created awareness among students of the disease. It helped them recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer, thus enabling them to seek treatment at an early stage. They understood the different types of cancer and how it could be prevented at the initial stages. Children also participated in spreading awareness campaign against Cancer.

Innovation & Enterprise – Tech Based Activity was conducted on November 9th. Through this research-based project work students came up with brilliant innovative ideas. It aimed to challenge the young minds and create something innovative and contribute to technology.

Children's Day planned on November 11th was not conducted due to Diwali holidays.

Virtual Picnic was organized on November 12th. The purpose was to promote students learning beyond classrooms. It helped to develop character, discipline & social skills. Students of Grade 5 & 6 explored Glow garden & Lego land respectively through virtual reality.

Virtual Annual Athletic Meet (Sports Fest) was held on November 18th. Students thoroughly enjoyed the fun based indoor activities planned by the P.E. Department. It helped to inculcate the importance of healthy lifestyle and indoor sports. It has a profound impact on individual’s well-being.

UAE National Day (Thematic Assembly) was held on November 29th. The objective was to inculcate in students the Spirit of the Union of UAE. Students pay tribute to His Highness Sheikh Zayed and recalled his contribution to the nation.

Grade 7&8 (Girls)

Children’s Day planned on November 12th is postponed to a later date.

Health & Safety Program –Awareness on Cyber-Crime and Internet Safety was held on November 17th & 18th. This program helped students to enhance their knowledge about the social & technological issues related to internet usage and highlighted the threats related to cyber-crime. Students participated in the Cyber-Bullying awareness program which was organized virtually. They took part in Brochure making, Poster making, Case study and Doodle art. Video presentations were shown and handouts shared on the topics like Cyber-Bulling and Internet Safety tips.

Intra-Class NukkadNatak competition was conducted on November 24th virtually. This competition was an opportunity for students to demonstrate their creative, emotional and social skills. They performed on topics like ‘Corona Virus, Online Classes, and Kindness’. It inculcated values of kindness and caring for each other.

Virtual Tour to the National Parks of India and Tropical Rainforests was organized on November 29th. Students were taken on a virtual trip where they experienced and explored the rich fauna of the Ranthambore National park. They got to see the exotic birds at the Bharatpur bird sanctuary, glimpsed the unique mangrove ecosystem of Sunder bans and were mesmerized by the beauty of the tropical rainforests. It was an opportunity for them to know all about wildlife conservation and preservation of the native & exotic population at the park.

Grade 7&8 (Boys)

Special Assembly on National Flag Day was held on November 2nd. Students shared about the significance of the UAE flag. They gave an insight on how the flag came into being and the history behind it.

Nature Walk Sit & Draw competition was conducted on November 11th. Through this competition, students designed a thank you card for the frontline work and Covid worries. It aimed to show their gratitude towards them.

Children’s Day planned on November 12th didn’t take place due to holidays.

Special Assembly on UAE National Day & Commemoration Day, and Science Exhibition planned during this month were shifted to the month of December, 2020.

Grade 9

PT-2 begun on November 18th. This test assessed students learning to provide ongoing feedback. The portions covered from April, 2020 to November, 2020 were tested.

Grade 10

PT-3 begun on November 24th. The test assessed students learning to provide ongoing feedback. The entire syllabus was tested as per the revised secondary school curriculum issued by CBSE.

Grade 9 (Girls)

Ad-Act Inter-house Competition was conducted on November 2nd. The objective of this competition was to expose students to different situations and providing experience through acting in a given context.

Grade 9&10 (Girls)

French Assembly was held on November 4th. This assembly helped students in fostering effective communication in French language.

International Day of Tolerance presented by Sapphire House of grade 10 was held on November 11th. Students emphasised the importance of tolerance and promoting mutual respect to diverse cultures, language & various barriers. It also helped to generate public awareness of the dangers of intolerance.

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 17th. This day was an opportunity for students to commemorate the birthday of Pandit Nehru.

Grade 10 (Girls)

Sing Together – Win Together (Inter-house competition) was conducted on November 23rd. The purpose was to promote an artistic presentation through composition and performance of music.

Grade 9&10 (Boys)

Talents Day was held on November 3rd. This activity was conducted online which catered the students’ ability to show their versatility in Dancing, Singing and Art display. Students enthusiastically participated in dance, skit, songs, debate, JAM, photography and art competition. It helped them to boost their confidence and self- determination.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Stay Healthy- Stay Fit’ was conducted on November 4th. Students views on staying fit and healthy was depicted through a video presentation. It provided a good insight to them to increase the healthy eating habit among themselves.

Science Exhibition was conducted on November 9th. Ganit Shastra Pradarshan gave a tremendous opportunity for our young scientists to put up a wonderful display of their scientific skills through working models, scientific video making and still models which they presented digitally. The display on aquaponics, Math in everyday life, Disaster Management showed their innovative skills and scientific thinking.

Grade 11

Unit Test – 4 was concluded on November 29th. Test was completed as per schedule.

Grade 12

First Model Examination was conducted from November 10th till 30th.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

House Day was held online on November 4th. The competition entries from the four houses were submitted online in segments like Music Video Parody, Slam Poetry, Mask Painting, Make up, Quiz, Photography, Musical Performance and Designing the House Mascot. Sapphire house emerged as the winners followed by Ruby and topaz.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

House Day was held on November 4th. Students of the 4 houses participated in events like Group Dance, Battle of Bands, Modelling, AD Mad, Battle of Strengths and Coat of Arms. They showed team spirit to compete for the top position. There was a splendid exhibition of new themes besides a lot of entertainment.


The IHS Clubs has started from November 21st. The purpose of the club is to provide extra support for skill development in the areas of Art, Debate, Cookery, Oratory, Building Fitness and many more. Online clubs with variety of choices for students to enhance their skills and showcase their talent will be provided through different modes.


A Talk for Parents of grades 9 & 10 on the topic ‘Choices for your Ward After Secondary and Higher Secondary Education’ was conducted on November 4th.

A Talk for Students of grade 10 on the topic ‘Option for You After Secondary and Higher Secondary Education’ was conducted on November 11th.

A Talk for Parents of grades 11 & 12 on the topic ‘Higher Education Admissions’ was conducted on November 11th.

A Talk for Parents of grades 5 to 8 boys & girls was conducted on November 23rd. The objective was to guide parents on the topic ‘Purposeful Parenting – for Wellbeing’.

Additional Activities and Programs

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

GK Quiz Competition – final round was conducted house wise on November 9th. Students participated in the quiz consisted of three rounds of topics varying from General, Sports and Entertainment.

Cyber Bullying Prevention was organized on November 17th. The purpose was to spread awareness and understand the effects of cyber bullying. Students took part in Poster and Comic Strip making activities through which they shared the message “Be a buddy not a bully”.

Safety Awareness Program was held on November 23rd. This program aimed to spread awareness about self-defense among students. The ones who are well trained in karate and other self-defense techniques displayed how to come out of tricky situations and be safe. Video was recorded and shown to students during the fitness period.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly with the theme ‘World Television Day’ presented by Topaz House of Grade 10 was held on November 18th. This assembly created awareness among students of the origins & importance of visual medium that changed the course of entertainment and enhanced knowledge sharing.

Grade 10 (Girls)

Virtual Tour was organised on November 4th. Students were able to get a glimpse of the aesthetic beauty of the temples in Bagan, Myanmar.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

Virtual Tour was organised on November 10th. This tour was conducted in classes showing the 360 degree of places which has the high scenic beauty from European countries to Indian desert.

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 17th. This day was celebrated by providing wishes to students by teachers. Students’ life and their innocence were beautifully narrated by teachers.

Anti-Bullying Prevention Week was organised on November 17th & 18th. ‘Be a Buddy not a Bully’ was a very thoughtful programme. Students presented a thematic assembly on this concept and a play was presented to describe how dangerous it is when it reaches to higher level.

Online PTCS was organised on November 19th. The objective was to provide the feedback to parents about their wards overall performance.