School News May 2020

June 7, 2020


KG 1

Colour Day was held on May 7th. During the zoom live session, students wore red or yellow dress. They were also engaged in a ‘Show & Tell’ activity. It was an opportunity for them to speak on the object which matches the colour of their dress. It gave them a great visual impact. It also helped enhance their colour concept and improve communication skills.

KG 1 & KG 2

Round Square Activity planned from May 3rd till 13th was cancelled. This activity did not push through as it was intended for grades 1 to 4 students.

Headmistress’s Assembly was held on May 6th for KG 1 and on May 7th for KG 2. Headmistress was introduced through a recorded video clip welcoming the students and looking forward to seeing them in person. It was a meet and greet during the zoom session.

Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 10th. This day was an opportunity for students to express respect, honour and love towards mothers. Live session and activities for mother & child were arranged. It was a very special day for them as they will cherish this memory forever. They honoured their mothers more as we put emphasis on the importance of mothers in everyone’s life. It was a heart-warming and touching moment to them.

KG 2

Mindfulness / Wellbeing Activity was organised from May 7th till 28th. Students participated in different activities like ‘Brain Breaks’. It was an opportunity for them to take a break from their academic related work and divert themselves to some activities. They were also engaged in crafty works like ‘Chain of Kindness’. It aimed to encourage them to reflect on the kind things people have done for them and to make them think of the kind things they can do for others. It was an awareness and mindfulness of one’s self and their surroundings. It also helped to increase calmness and self-esteem.

Train Ride was conducted on May 13th. Through virtual video, students enjoyed watching the different landmarks of Dubai. It was a valuable learning experience for them.

Colour Day was held on May 28th. During this day, different colors and its category were introduced. It aimed awareness, familiarization and appreciation of colors around us. Students attended the zoom session with colorful dress according to their assigned color. They also participated in ‘Show & Tell’ activity. They presented objects which have the same color as they are wearing and said something about it. A simple and fun yet educational activity on skittles color experiment video was also sent on the stream.

Grade 1 & 2

World Laughter Day was celebrated on May 3rd. Through online sync activity, laughter videos were shown. Students shared the thought of the day in the mindfulness L3 session based on the topic. They also spread cheer & joy amidst family & friends and shared jokes & good stories. It aimed to celebrate “the spirit of laughter”, to make them aware of the importance of happiness in our lives and to convey the importance of spreading joy with smiles & laughter.

Round Square Activity was conducted from May 3rd till 13th. This art activity was in conjunction with the Round Square International Challenge with the topics ‘Spirit of Environmentalism’, ‘Spirit of Internationalism’, and ‘Recipes by Teachers’. Students created many marine life artefacts using plastic recycle objects and beautiful collages with UAE as the topic. It aimed to spread the spirit of environmentalism by appreciating marine life, to celebrate the spirit of Internationalism by capturing images of UAE in a collage, to develop awareness on the impact of water pollution on the planet and to learn about using the 3Rs in their daily life.

Slide Show on Five Pillars of Islam (online async activity) was organised on May 7th. Through this slide share, students were made aware about the five pillars of Islam and the UAE. It helped them learn about the religion and the important facts of UAE. They were familiarized with the values and beliefs of Islam. It helped them respect and abide by the good values learnt.

Mother’s Day Celebration was held on May 10th. This day was an opportunity for students to appreciate and respect the role of mothers. They expressed their love to their mothers in different ways. It also helped to strengthen their bonds.

National Bullying Prevention Week was conducted from May 10th to 14th. During this week, students were indulged in various activities to promote global peace within their surroundings. It also aimed to empower them to resort to correct measures while being bullied and avoid bullying others. They identified ways to avoid being bullied and learnt to not tease & belittle others.

Hindi Good Handwriting competition was organised on May 11th & 13th. Students were able to build lifelong skills in producing good writing. Best writing piece was chosen from each section. It encouraged to improve their writing skills.

Quiz on UAE was conducted on May 18th in the Social Studies asynchronous lesson. Students enthusiastically participated in this quiz assigned in the google classroom. It aimed to educate them on the various facts about UAE. It also helped to evaluate their degree of awareness about the country.

SSCS was organised on May 21st. The objective was to share progress/concerns of selected students in key areas of development with their parents. They also discussed wellbeing, attendance, participation, and learning experience during distance learning. It was a fruitful contact session between parents and teachers to build on the existing strength of their students. It also helped in the familiarizing process and enabled better progress for their ward.

Arabic Activity on Eid al-Fitr was organised on May 21st. This activity helped students to enhance their speaking & written skills in Arabic and learn about the festival of Eid al-Fitr. They were involved in speaking, writing and coloring. It built fluency in oral and written skills in Arabic.

Grade 2

English Cursive Writing competition was conducted on May 7th for boys and on May 14th for girls. This competition was an opportunity for students to produce clear, concise and legible handwriting. It also encouraged to improve their writing skills and set foundation to work on lifelong skills of turning in good writing.

Islamic Poster Making on the topic ‘Ramadan’ was organised on May 14th. This competition helped to enhance the importance of the Holy month of Ramadan in our life. It helped to develop awareness on the values of Islam and its teachings. It also enhanced their creativity in art skill.

Show & Tell (Arabic) activity was organised on May 17th. Through this activity, students made videos showing their personal toys, dolls, and more. They were able to converse freely in Arabic at their level. It helped to improve their pronunciation & speaking skills in Arabic and build fluency on known vocabulary words.

Grade 1 & 2 (Boys)

Arabic Remedial Classes commenced on May 3rd. The purpose was to assist students to improve their spoken and written language skills. It helped them master almost all the Arabic portions taught in the online class.

Book Reading/Book Review was organised from May 3rd till 31st. The objective was to inculcate the good habit of reading and make it a lifetime hobby. Students gained fluency in reading and improved their comprehension skills.

Grade 3 (Girls)

Show & Tell activity (Arabic) was organised on May 17th. This activity helped students to develop their communication skills and to build confidence in speaking Arabic language. They were able to observe and talk about something that is special to them.

English Recitation (inter-house competition) was conducted on May 21st. This competition was an opportunity for students to develop verbal skills and boost their confidence. It also helped to develop their self-expression and memorization skills.

Grade 3 & 4 (Girls)

Book Reading & Book Review was conducted from May 3rd till 31st. This activity aimed to provide suitable opportunities for reading. Students read the books and gave their reviews about it.

Arabic Activity was organised on May 18th. The objective for students was to develop awareness and tolerance of different religions. They created a beautiful card on the theme ‘Eid al-Fitr.

Arabic Declamation planned on May 31st is postponed to September 2020 to give more time for students to practice speaking eloquently in Arabic.

Grade 4 (Girls)

English Declamation was conducted on May 7th. This competition helped students to develop their confidence, fluency and proper speaking skills. It also enhanced their oratory skills.

Hindi Declamation (inter-house competition) was conducted on May 21st. The purpose was to develop the art of public speaking, promote confidence and sense of responsibility among students. It was also an opportunity for them to experience the depth and beauty of speaking in Hindi.

Grade 3 & 4

World Laughter Day was held on May 3rd. This day created awareness among students about laughter and its many healing benefits. It helped them understand that laughter is the best medicine to ward off dangers. They shared jokes, events or memories which brought laughter to them, thus making their friends laugh too.

Round Square Activity was organised from May 3rd till 13th. The purpose was to innovate and design new approaches to teaching & learning that broaden horizons. It challenged students to go beyond their comfort zone. It also helped to promote independent learning, encourage them to actively participate in theme-based activities and become global citizens.

Online Recess Radio was conducted from May 3rd onwards for boys and from May 6th onwards for girls. This activity offered entertainment along with information by various ways. Students prepared speeches on relevant topics emphasizing on important days, recent happenings, basic etiquettes or even their views & suggestions on school activities. It helped to develop communication & public speaking skills, improve literacy skills, and build confidence in them.

National Bullying Prevention Week was conducted from May 10th to 14th. This week helped students to recognize and respond early & effectively to behaviors that can lead to bullying. It raised awareness among them about the harm that bullying causes and how children & young people can be protected, including solutions to the problem of rising incidents. Take a stand together–pledge, recess radio–speak about it, be a buddy, not a bully-creative writing, poster making with slogan, and quiz on cyber bullying were included.

English Creative Writing activity was organised on May 24th for grade 4 girls, on May 27th for grade 4 boys and on May 31st for grade 3 girls/boys. This competition helped students to foster a love for creative writing, to improve language skills and to encourage imaginations. It also helped recognise their talent in writing creatively with originality.

Zentangle Art was organised on May 21st for boys and on May 25th for girls. Students prepared the Eid Card. It was easy, relaxing and fun ways to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns which is combination of dots, lines & curves. It aimed to enhance their creativity.

Expo Quiz (SST) was conducted on May 25th for girls and on May 28th for boys. Students participated in the online quiz based on ‘Expo 2020’. It helped to enhance their knowledge about Expo.

Grade 3 (Boys)

Hindi Creative Writing was organised on May 7th. This activity was an opportunity to encourage students to write creatively in Hindi. It also helped to improve their language skills.

Hindi Good Handwriting was organised on May 21st. The purpose was to encourage students to present their handwritten work in a beautiful way when they communicate with others.

Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

Live, Love and Laugh (L3 Session) was organised during this month. Every morning students were involved in school prayer, thought for the day and mindfulness session. It was a healthy way of starting their day. It also gave them energetic start along with some thoughtfulness.

Student Council Selection was conducted from May 5th onwards. Students submitted their form through google doc. It was reviewed by class teachers and five students were selected per class. Online interview session was scheduled with the selection team and candidates. Result will be announced online.

SSCS was conducted from May 13th till 21st. This session helped build successful partnership between parents and teachers in developing effective communication techniques that meet the student’s need. Parents were updated about their ward’s progress. They also discussed on how to bring about improvement.

Show & Tell (Arabic) activity was organised on May 17th. During class live sessions, students showed an object and speak on it for a minute in Arabic. It aimed to encourage them to learn more about the language.

Eid al-Fitr (Arabic) activity was organised on May 18th. This activity was an opportunity for students to display their creative skills. They made greeting cards online and post it as assignment.

Drawing Competition planned on May 28th was cancelled. It was right after zentagle art and students had just finished with the artwork. Parents were also not ready to go ahead with another art competition.


Inception Ceremony was held on May 4th for grade 3 & 4. During this ceremony, houses were allotted to new batch. Students of each house along with the House Mistress and Asst. House Mistress took the oath. It aimed to develop among them an understanding of the significance of the houses they belong to and to make them aware of the rules & responsibilities.

Parent Focus Group was organised on May 9th. Through zoom meeting, parents shared their inputs and views. They gave constructive feedbacks and suggestions specifically of the current situation. They also discussed academic & activities of the section and relevant school issues. It encouraged association between school and parents.

Achiever’s Day was held on May 7th for grade 3 & 4 and on May 11th for grade 2. This gesture of honoring the achievers aimed to motivate and encourage students to attain their highest potential. It was celebrated with all the grandeur and appreciation from the school staff & their classmates. Achievers gained confidence and responded to praise by setting higher goals for their future achievements. Speech to motivate their friends and giving tips for achieving not only good grades but also good character for overall development was arranged. They were also awarded with e-certificate for academic excellence.

Investiture Ceremony scheduled on May 27th for grade 3 & 4 girls is postponed to June 2020 as per the instruction of Headmistress.


Wellbeing Care Letters were organised from May 1st till 23rd for students, parents and staff. These letters equipped them with concrete tools for them to practice well-being. It also helped them enhance their wellbeing & positivity and strengthen their coping skills & mental health.

Additional Completed Activities and Programs


Webinars for Training were conducted from May 7th till May 27th for Counsellors, Special Educators and Middle Level Leaders respectively. The topics attended were ‘Sensory smart strategies for children with sensory processing disorder & ADHD’, ‘Building emotional resilience for a stronger future’ – SP Jain Webinar, ‘Supporting High School Counselors during COVID’ by Dr. Sarah Sease, ‘KHDA- What Works - how to ensure accessibility to DL for SD with high needs’, ‘Tips & advice for teaching remotely’, ‘KHDA- What Works - how do we know students are learning during DL’, ‘New insights for building disability pride & empowering students with hidden disabilities’- Presence learning, ‘The ADHD Guide to fighting stigma – how to defend your diagnosis & build your self-esteem', and ‘How schools can support parents & families amid the COVID-19 pandemic’ –Education Week.