School News July 2020

September 21, 2020


Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

Live, Love and Laugh (L3 Session) concluded on July 2nd. Every morning students were involved in school prayer, thought for the day and mindfulness session. It was a healthy way of starting their day. It also gave them energetic start along with some thoughtfulness.

Online Recess Radio concluded on July 2nd. This activity offered entertainment along with information by various ways. Students prepared speeches on relevant topics emphasizing on important days, recent happenings, basic etiquettes or even their views and suggestions on school activities. It was a platform to voice their opinions which truly matter.


Summer Camp was conducted from July 5th to 29th. This camp aimed to provide maximum experience to the campers. It offered a unique camp atmosphere in which nature and sports were emphasized. Innovative activities and talent search were included. It helped students in developing lifelong skills, teamwork and resiliency with mental stimulation & physical activity. It was also an opportunity to promote independence, make time for play, foster growth, learn and develop new skills & knowledge. It allowed confidence building to reinforce by success, led to a new type of friendship-bonding and create a unique interest.