School News January 2020

February 6, 2020


KG 1

Grandparents Day was celebrated on January 13th & 14th. During this day, students gave their best performance beyond measure to entertain their grandparents. It was an opportunity for them to sing and to say few lines regarding the program. Different games were arranged for grandparents and surprise gifts were awarded to them from their grandchildren.

PTCS was organised on January 28th. Parents and teachers had the opportunity to discuss their student’s progress and shared ideas on how to improve their performance in school.

SSCS was organised on January 28th. Through this meeting, parents were briefed on the improvement of their wards. Suggestions were given to bring up their ward to the required class level.

Group Recitation competition was conducted on January 30th. This competition was an opportunity for students to recite poem together in a group with confidence, voice modulation, expression and gestures. It was an active & enthusiastic participation and the best performing class was awarded certificates.

KG 2

Star Class / Green Class were awarded on January 8th. This activity made students aware on how important cleanliness and discipline is. Classes were observed during class hours and break time to check on the discipline in class as well as the corridors. Dustbins were also checked to see that there was no wastage of paper and food. Divisions ‘N & R’ got the Star Classes award and divisions ‘K & W’ got the Green Classes award. Dazzling stars of kidzy, best in Arabic, sports champion and best in reading were also awarded.

Drop Everything and Read was held on January 8th. The purpose was achieved. It helped to inculcate the value of reading. Students together with their class teachers spent 30 minutes of reading in their respective classrooms. It was a way to improve their language and to develop their fluency.

Art Competition was conducted on January 9th. Students were given a theme and accordingly they draw & use different colors to make their work colorful. They were judged on the basis of the stroke used, creativity, imagination, coloring within the lines and usage of colors.

Field Trip to Al Twar 1 and Al Twar 3 Park was organised on January 16th. During this educational trip students enjoyed playing at the play area, tour around the park and learn about the environment. It helped to enhance their social skills by playing in a friendly manner with other students from different classes. Awareness on the beauty of mother nature and how to take care of them were also included.

Thematic Assembly was held on January 20th. Students from divisions ‘K & L’ shared how important fruits & vegetables to one’s life. It was also an opportunity to instill its benefits through placards and songs.

Thematic Assembly was held on January 27th. Through song and dance, students from divisions ‘Q & R’ showcased the different festivals of India. They showed the Indian tradition and culture through their attire and dance form. It helped them learn about tradition, culture and festivals of different religion.

PTCS / SSCS were organised on January 29th. The objective was to discuss the progress and behavior of the students. Parents had a one-on-one discussion and a fruitful session about their ward’s performance. It made them aware of their ward’s improvement in the concern area.

Handwriting Competition was conducted on January 30th. This competition helped students to imbibe the habit of good handwriting and proper spacing. They were judged on the basis of their handwriting, punctuation and spacing.

Grades 1 to 4

FA 3 (Formative Assessment) was conducted from January 7th till 15th. The purpose was to collect detailed information learning that can be used in improving instruction and student learning. They demonstrated their understanding of concepts taught by using knowledge and application skills.

D.E.A.R. was organised on January 8th. Students dropped everything they were doing to read a book during a particular time slot. It aimed to encourage them to read, improve their reading & communication skills and enhance their vocabulary. It helped them to inculcate the habit of reading, stimulate love for reading and recognize the importance of reading in their daily life.

Grade 1 (Girls)

Spell Bee Competition was conducted on January 30th. The objective was achieved. It helped students to improve and enhance their skills with spelling.

Grade 1 & 2 (Girls)

Thematic Assemblies titled ‘International Day of Charity reaching out to those in need’ and ‘My India, My Pride’ were held on January 21st & 28th with mass participation of grade 2 divisions ‘D, G & J’ respectively. During these assemblies, students performed a skit on giving charity to the needy ones and the different facts & greatness of India. They presented their topics in English Hindi and Arabic languages. It was also an opportunity to create awareness and encourage the power of sharing & giving through charity. It helped them know about the India & understand its importance in our life and it encouraged them to learn about the interesting facts about India & greatness of India that makes us feel proud.

SSCS was organised on January 30th. This parent-teacher session provided an opportunity to discuss the improvement needed for the better performance of students. It helped parents understand the progress of their ward and further plan for improvement.

Grade 2 (Girls)

Arabic Read Aloud was conducted on January 19th. This competition was an opportunity for students to be confident on the stage. It also helped to encourage participation among them and to enhance their awareness about the rules to be followed during reading Arabic aloud.

Grade 1 (Boys)

English Recitation Competition was conducted on January 23rd. Students were able to develop their choral reading skills in poetry and to enhance their language abilities. It provided an opportunity to boost their confidence and convey their pieces with expression & conviction.

Arabic Recitation planned on January 29th was postponed to next month due to Arabic diagnostics test and Arabic team meetings.

Grade 1 & 2 (Boys)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘a Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’ was held on January 21st with mass participation of grade 2 division ‘R’. Students learnt to be well adjusted in family & school groups and to value friendship in day to day life. It also helped to instill the value of genuine friendship, sharing & caring among peers and to develop their confidence and fluency through skit, dance & drama.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Reaching Out to those in Needs’ was held on January 28th with mass participation of grade 2 division ‘U’. The purpose was met. It instilled values of empathy through various areas of performance. Students learnt to bond with their peers and they conveyed the message of being selfless. It also helped them learn to differentiate between sympathy and empathy.

PTCS / SSCS was organised on January 30th. During these sessions, parents were updated on the current academic status of their ward and discussed the strategies for improvement. They discussed the present performance level of the students and work on their concern areas.

Grade 3 & 4

PTCS / SSCS was organised on January 30th. Through these sessions, teachers discussed the performance of students with their parents. Guidelines on how parents could support and encourage their wards to be successful learners were provided. It also helped build successful partnership between parents and teachers in developing effective communication techniques that meet the student’s need.

Grade 3 & 4 (Girls)

Thematic Assemblies titled ‘know your motherland - Republic Day of India’ and ‘Hospitality- a key part of Emirati culture’ were held on January 22nd & 29th with mass participations of grade 3 division ‘J’ and grade 4 division ‘F’ respectively. Students were given an opportunity to share their ideas and talents on stage in English, Hindi & Arabic languages.

Student Council Meeting was conducted on January 30th. Student council members were engaged in training for the development of their leadership skills, time management and discipline. They were also involved in feedback session at the year-end and their inputs for further strengthening of student- school relationship.

Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘UAE- a melting pot of different cultures’ and ‘UAE vision- United in Vision & Ambition’ was held on January 29th with mass participation of grade 3 divisions ‘R & T’ respectively. During this assembly, topics were presented in English, Hindi and Arabic languages. It helped students to develop their public speaking skills.

Student Council Meeting was conducted on January 30th. Students appreciated the diverse abilities of the community. Student Council explored their responsibility to their school community and brainstorm steps they can or could take to remove social barriers. It helped them improve the quality of life.


PFG (Sectional) was organised on January 16th for KG 1 to Grades 4. The objective was to enable parents to share their views/opinions on the ongoing flow of the school system with the sectional heads and work together for the betterment of the school. It brought out more clarity regarding the best practices and changes required if any. It also encouraged association between school and parents by understanding the parent’s opinion and gathering their feedback.

Republic Day Celebration was held on January 26th. Students from grade 3 & 4 boys showcased the rich cultural diversity of India through ‘Evolution of Dance’. It achieved to instill in students the pride in their national heritage and acquaint them with the rich & diverse culture of their motherland. It was also an opportunity for them to celebrate this day with great fervor and enthusiasm.


Best Out of Waste by Environment Club was conducted on January 29th for grade 3 & 4 girls. During this activity, students exhibited their creativity skills and abilities. It helped to develop their interest, creativity and understanding about ‘Best out of Waste’.


Annual Sports Day planned on January 20th & 21st for grades 1 to 4 boys / girls were rescheduled to the next month due to FA exams and Republic Day practice.