School News February 2020

March 12, 2020


KG 1

Educational Field Trip to Al Twar planned on February 6th was cancelled for safety purposes as per the school doctor's advise because of the global concern about Coronavirus (nCov19).

KG 2

Thematic Assembly was held on February 3rd. During this assembly, students wore colourful attire and performed Indian folk dances which are practiced from the different state of India. It aimed awareness and appreciation of the different folk dances and colorful culture of India.

Solo Recitation was conducted on February 11th. Poem piece was selected by the class teacher. Students memorized and practiced the poem with proper intonation and expression.

Group Recitation was conducted on February 11th. This competition helped students to enhance collaboration and synchronization. They also learnt to apply the concepts and techniques for proper pronunciation, intonation & expression. The poems for the competition were selected by the respective class teachers who trained them.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘A Word of Gratitude’ was held on February 17th with mass participation of divisions ‘W & A’. Through this assembly, students expressed their gratitude to their teachers by singing a song. They also shared their kindergarten experiences. Now indeed, they are ready for the new challenges waiting for them as they move up to another journey of their studies.

Annual Day and Annual Sports Day were celebrated on February 27th. Students showed off their wonderful and mesmerizing dancing talents during the section’s Annual Day with the theme “Seasons: the nature’s palette, seasons of happiness and cheers”. It was an opportunity for them to showcase their different talents, overcome shyness and boost their self – esteem.

Grade 2 (Boys)

Arabic Read Aloud Competition was conducted on February 16th. The objective of this competition for students was to develop effective and fluent read aloud skills in Arabic with a focus on punctuations & expression. They improved their Arabic speaking skills and learnt to work in teams.

Grade 3 & 4 (Girls)

Thematic Assemblies titled ‘appreciation & gratitude’ and ‘to achieve the impossible through determination’ were held on February 5th & 12th with mass participations of grade 4 division ‘H’ and grade 3 division ‘F’ respectively. These assemblies were an opportunity for students to share their ideas and talents on stage in English, Hindi and Arabic languages. They were very enthusiastic and spoke with confidence.

Recess Radio activity was conducted on February 5th. Environment Club members spoke on Recess Radio about ‘The Ghaf Tree’ and students spoke about ‘The Year of Tolerance’. It helped other students understand their part in ensuring healthy environment. It also helped to generate awareness, live sustainably and to take action to improve their immediate environment.

Summative Assessment scheduled in the month of February was completed.

Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘My India, My Pride’ with mass participation of grade 3 division ‘U’ and ‘Mother- Gods Angel in Disguise!’ with mass participation of grade 3 division ‘V’ was held on February 5th. Students participated in mass performance and presented their topics in English, Hindi and Arabic languages. It helped to develop their public speaking skills.

Student Council Meeting was conducted on February 20th. Student Council members were made aware of the topics ‘Awareness- self safety (United in Destiny) UAE aims to be the safest place in the world’, ‘Health & Personal Hygiene- happiness in being healthy and fit’, ‘(United in Prosperity): managing resources- wastage of food’, ‘Sustainable Environment’, and ‘(United in Responsibility) value of not wasting resources’. Awareness, precaution, responsibility, economical thinking and thankfulness were the traits learnt.


Student Talks on the topic ‘Being Responsible – I am in control’ were held on February 12th & 13th for KG 2. These talks helped students in understanding responsibility at home and school.


Annual Sports Day was held on February 12th for grades 1 to 4 boys and on February 16th for grades 1 to 4 girls. Students participated in various sports games which enhanced their physical wellbeing. It also helped to develop a sense of cooperation amidst peers and provide opportunities to participate in athletic skills. They enjoyed a fun filled sports activities. They showed sportsmanship and teamwork in different games.

Our Cricket Team from grades 2 to 4 boys participated in the 6th Season of KGS Cricket Cup 2020. The Cricket enthusiasts got the chance to play with other schools across Dubai. It developed further the young athletes’ cricket skills. It also improved their character as they face their opponent school in the tournament.

Students of grades 2 to 4 participated in the Inter School Sports Tournament (Mini Sports Funtasia - Season 6) conducted from February 17th to 20th. Students learnt team spirit and improved their physical & mental fitness by indulging in outdoor and indoor games. It also developed their physical talents to their maximum potential and engaged in competitive activities while promoting sound health & safety. They were able to choose and maintain a positive attitude towards sportsmanship. They learnt time management, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, handling pressure, management, responsibility and commitment. They were given the chance to compete in an inter-school level tournament within their age group in various sports like basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, chess and cricket. It was an opportunity for them to apply the different playing skills that they have learned in their respective before/after school sports coaching. As a result of the school teams’ hard work and perseverance, both girls & boys team bagged most of the 1st and 2nd position in the tournament.

Our Junior Mini Cricket Team from KG-2 and grade 1 boys & girls participated in the Rickie Mathew Memorial Cubs Cricket Tournament – Season 12 from February 18th till 29th. This competition gave the young budding athletes the proper venue where they were able to apply their cricket skills. It also developed further the young athletes’ cricket skills and improved their character as they faced their opponent school in the tournament.

Inter-House Tournaments were held on February 24th for grade 3 & 4 girls/boys Basketball and on February 25th for grade 3 & 4 boys Football. Through these tournaments, students applied the sports skills they have learned in their respective games classes. Their exceptional skills in basketball and football were rewarded with medals as they finished the tournament as winners.