School News April 2020

May 10, 2020


KG 1

Toy Joy Day was held on April 1st. This day was an opportunity for students to pick up their favourite toy from their toy box and speak few lines about it.

Helping Hands activity was conducted on April 16th. Students were encouraged to help their Mom or Dad at home. It helped them understand and appreciate more the value of helping others.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing activity was organized from April 16th onwards. Through this activity, students were engaged in simple exercise routines. It increased their concentration & focus which helped them release hyperactivity and improved self-esteem.

KG 1 & KG 2

Familiarizations were organized on April 8th & 9th. This scheduled meeting was an opportunity to accommodate all parents through a video call. It helped to deepen their understanding of what will happen and what to expect for this annual year, especially for the first term. Details regarding google classroom, assignment & how to upload it, detailed information on how to teach & learn each subjects and student’s performance were discussed. All parents appreciated the efforts taken by the school and staff.

Meet & Greet was conducted on April 30th. Students had a live session via zoom with their teachers. They spoke about their selves and their family through guided questions. It helped them learn about each other and feel more at ease in their new setting.

KG 2

Mindfulness & Wellbeing was conducted from April 16th onwards. Through differentiated activities on mindfulness & wellbeing, students were more interactive, refresh, aware and understanding of one’s feelings & emotions. They were also engaged in worksheets titled “All About Me”. It was an opportunity to describe and express their selves. It created awareness of one’s self. Simple yoga & meditations, awareness and being mindful of the current situation activities were included. It helped to increase their calmness and self-esteem.

Grade 1 & 2

Speaking & Writing (Arabic activity) was organized on April 8th for girls and on April 15th for boys. Students wrote and spoke about the Holy month of Ramadan and coloured Ramadan theme worksheets. The topic was chosen related to their real life with the purpose of improvement in speaking and writing Arabic. They also learnt about the various features of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Live, Love, Laugh (mindfulness) session was organized on April 19th. This session made students aware of having a healthy mind along with a healthy body. It also included ‘thought for the day’ which involved all the special days around the world with a positive message followed by mindfulness exercises. Their creativity was reflected through fun exercises which sparked their day and helped them begin the day with a smile on their face. They were indulged in a quiet mindfulness session to bring awareness in the present. They were disciplined and calmer during their online classes.

Arabic Handwriting competition was conducted on April 30th. The objective was to encourage & inculcate the Arabic writing habit among students and enhance their writing skills. They also got a better idea of the formation of Arabic letters.

Grade 1 & 2 (Girls)

Salad & Sandwich Making was conducted on April 7th. In lieu of the acknowledgement of the World Health Day, students participated in a sandwich and salad making activity at home. They made a nutritious and delicious meal under the guidance of their parents. It aimed to inculcate healthy eating habits among them. They also shared their pictures & short write ups on the digital platform and explained the importance of healthy food which will also help them fight the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Familiarization Session (Parents -Teachers) was held on April 9th. Through this session, parents and students were introduced to the section supervisor and their respective class teacher. They were made familiar with the names of the subject teachers. Parents were also given information about the two ways of conducting the lessons through the digital learning method by IHS Group of Schools – Asynchronous and Synchronous. It was an interactive session which helped in clearing their doubts regarding the digital learning. They appreciated the hard work, time and dedication by the staff in fulfilling the educational needs of students in these difficult times.

Health & Wellness Week was conducted from April 13th to 16th. Students celebrated the ‘Health Awareness Week’. Their creativity was reflected through Poster Making, Health Tips and Zumba. They rejoiced these fun activities keeping themselves aware of the most important aspect of life which is health.

Grade 1 & 2 (Boys)

World Health Day was celebrated on April 7th. Students were briefed on the importance of good health through vegetable carving, educative PowerPoint Presentations and a talk by the students live online. It helped them learn to make better choices regarding food and hygiene in daily life.

Health and Wellness Week was conducted from April 13th till 16th. Through online class titled ‘jog to good health’ in their positions, students got a warm up activity. They felt energetic and displayed better readiness throughout the day. They also learnt a new culinary skill through ‘salad & sandwich making’. It boosted their confidence to make a quick healthy meal. They danced their way to Zumba steps and enjoyed the physical work out. They felt fit and exhibited readiness for the classes. Grade 2 students designed Posters based on the theme ‘environment’. It created awareness among them on being environment friendly. Grade 1 students were engaged in English Picture Composition. They wrote a few sentences on the picture projected. They were able to connect the visual and their understanding on maintaining a green planet through a composition.

Grade 3 & 4

Familiarizations were organized on April 8th for boys and on April 9th for girls. Parents and teachers were able to discuss about the school policies and online classes. It aimed to establish strong mutual understanding and communications with parents from the beginning.

Live, Love, Laugh (L3 session) was conducted on April 19th for boys and on April 26th for girls. The purpose of this mindfulness activity for students was to live in the present moment rather than having their thoughts scattered all over. They were able to achieve a state of alertness and focus relaxation by paying attention to thoughts & sensations. They started their day with a positive energy.

Grade 3 & 4 (Girls)

World Health Day was celebrated on April 7th. This day was an opportunity for students to make healthy salad on the given theme. They were very enthusiastic and presented colourful & creative healthy salads.

Ramadan Awareness was held on April 21st. Students got an opportunity to sing the song based on the Holy month of Ramadan titled ‘Ahlan Ahlan Yaa Hilal’. They were happy and enthusiastic about their singing.

Arabic Hand Writing Competition (Inter-house) was conducted on April 30th. The objective for students was to strengthen their awareness of the importance of neat legible handwriting. It was an opportunity to improve their writing skills.

Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

Health & Wellness activity was organized on April 14th. Through digital online session, students celebrated the World Health Day. They were given an activity on sandwich and salad making as a part of healthy eating. It was a collective action aimed at globally protecting human health and well-being. It also helped to improve equity in health and to promote healthy life styles. It created an inclination towards healthy food.

UAE Quiz (Social Studies) was conducted on April 20th. This online quiz created awareness among students on UAE. It also helped them enhance their subject knowledge.

Slide Show on Al-Israa’ Wal-Mi’raj was organized on April 21st. The purpose was to bring awareness about the historical event happened during the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It also increased their knowledge about the topic.

Spirit of Ramadan was held on April 26th. PPT was uploaded and shown in the assembly to bring the spirit and awareness of the Holy month of Ramadan. It helped to enlighten students on various aspects of the Holy month of Ramadan.


Wellbeing Care Letters were organised through the entire month of April, 2020 for students, parents and staff. These letters equipped them with concrete tools for them to practice well-being. It also helped them enhance their wellbeing & positivity and strengthen their coping skills & mental health.