Forthcoming March 2020

February 25, 2020


Grade 1 & 2

Summative Assessment will be concluded on March 11th. The purpose is to test the topics taught and ensure the comprehension of the concepts covered in each subject. Students will be well versed with the portions covered in the current academic year.

Grade 3 & 4

Summative Assessment will be concluded on March 11th. This exam aims to assess students’ learning. It will help them keep up their academic performance.


Convocation will be conducted on March 12th for KG 2. Through this ceremony, students will celebrate their kindergarten journey. It shows that they have now succeeded and completed their kindergarten life. It also aims in getting them ready for the responsibilities of grade 1. It will be a meaningful and exciting milestone for students, teachers and parents.

World Scholar Cup will be held on March 20th & 21st. IHS is hosting Dubai Regional Round 1 in its Oud Metha campus in partnership with World Scholar Cup. This program is inclusive, encouraging, interdisciplinary, discussion-based, forward-looking, team-oriented, whimsical and academic achievement with fun in learning. It aims to motivate students of grades 4 to 12 to discover new strengths and practice new skills in fun & both competitive way. It will also help to inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders.


Annual Training will be organised from March 10th till 24th for Counsellors, Special Educators, Speech Therapists and LSAs. This In-house training will be conducted through interactive workshops and discussions. It aims to provide continuous professional development for all members of the Counselling & Careers Department.


Annual Sports Day will be held on March 5th for KG 1. Through this day, the athletic skills of students will be showcased. They will participate in varied athletics events where they can apply the skills they have learned in their respective games classes. It will provide opportunity to boost their confidence. It will also help to promote interest of sports, music and dance.