Forthcoming July 2020

June 28, 2020


Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

Live, Love and Laugh (L3 Session) will continue till July 2nd. Every morning students will participate in the L3 sessions which are combination of school prayer, thought for the day and mindfulness. It will be a healthy way of starting the day. It aims to give them an energetic start along with some thoughtfulness.

Online Recess Radio will continue till July 2nd. Students will prepare speeches on relevant topics emphasizing on important days, recent happenings, basic etiquettes or even their views and suggestions on school activities. It will be a platform to voice their opinions which truly matters. It is also a unique form to develop their public speaking skills and boost their confidence to speak in an in-house entertainment platform.


Summer Camp will be conducted from July 5th till 30th for KG 1 to Grade 4. This online camp is an antidote to the isolation haunting so many kids and a right dose of socializing where they come together to have fun. Within the virtual camp setting, students develop a sense of independence as they try new activities. The bonds and friendships that students make, are often what has the most long-lasting impact and memories. The Indian High Group of Schools, summer camps are known for providing a safe and supportive environment where students gain self-confidence as they learn new skills and overcome their challenges & fears through a quality camp experience.