School News September 2020

October 15, 2020


KG 1

Thematic Assembly titled ‘All about Animals’ was held on September 29th. Students participated in the virtual online assembly with enthusiasm, the theme being Animals, where an explorer took them for a safari-watching pet, farm and wild animals. Each one enacted the role of an animal. They performed on the “Animal Song”. They also shared their individual recordings. All of which was put together and presented for all. It aimed to work as a team. It also helped them develop their personal, social, emotional and innovative skills making them more confident & independent learners. It was a great delight to watch them confidently speaking their lines independently. It also helped them understand the different kind of animals and their habitat.

KG 1 & KG 2

DEAR - Drop Everything and Read begun on September 3rd (every Thursday). During this activity, students brought a book of their choice to read. A dedicated time is allotted every Thursday when they could pick up different kinds of books to read and explore as they enjoy listening to stories narrated by their teachers. It created opportunities to increase knowledge & vocabulary and to develop the pleasure of reading. It also aimed to encourage families at home to designate a special time to drop everything and read together.

Teacher’s Day Celebration was held on September 6th. Students prepared cards, banners & recorded their messages and posted on the padlet for their dear teachers. It encouraged them to express love and respect to all our teachers. It also aimed to instill a feeling of positivity and gratitude.

Puppet Show – Welcome Back to School was organised on September 6th. This activity aimed to welcome back our sunshine to school making them feel happy and excited to be back. Students enjoyed a back to school theme through a puppet show done by their teachers.

Drawing and Colouring competition was conducted on September 8th. Students participated in this competition as per the theme shared. They enjoyed putting their creativity & skills on paper and filling it up with colours. The finished products were amazing as they had let their imagination run wild and create absolute magic. They learnt to make choices that enhance the communication of their ideas.

School Trip (get familiar with different departments – Virtual) was organized on September 9th for KG 2 and on September 24th for KG 1. The objective was to acquire basic knowledge about the working & the people around school and making real world connections. Students learnt about the different areas in the school, role of the people working in each department and got familiar with the school & section heads.

Cool Pool Day planned during this month could not be conducted owing to logistic issues.

KG 2

Al Rawabi Dairy Farm Visit was organized on September 13th. Students were engaged in this virtual tour as they went around the different stages involved in the production of milk, how well the farm is built, cows are taken care off and the end to end process. It aimed to introduce them to different places and to enhance classroom learning by making real world connection.

Healthy Breakfast – Mom’s Kitchen was conducted on September 24th. Through this activity, students were encouraged to get healthy breakfast from their Mom’s kitchen as they enjoyed eating the same. They also discussed and shared their views on having a healthy breakfast in the morning and the many benefits it has.

Thematic Assembly – Global Awareness Country – Spain was held on September 27th. During this virtual online assembly, students talked about Spain - Flag, their culture, greetings, food, language and famous monuments & their importance. They magnificently performed “Flamingo Dance”. They also shared their individual recordings. It was put together and presented for all of them. They worked as a team and showed #weareinthistogether. It helped to enhance their language and communication skills. It also helped to develop their personal, social, emotional & innovative skills making them more confident and independent learners.

Grade 1 & 2

Teacher’s Day Celebration (Virtual) was held from September 1st to 3rd. Students expressed their love for teachers through drawing, cards and song. It also helped to promote bonding between teachers and students. They learnt to express gratitude towards their teachers.

Awareness Quiz (wash) was conducted from September 21st till 25th. This virtual and async quiz created awareness among students about COVID-19 situation. They participated in science quiz based on awareness related to COVID-19 and on importance of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene.

Hindi Diwas was celebrated from September 21st to 25th. Students found words from their mother tongue that are same in Hindi language and shared it on the Hindi padlet wall with the meaning. They were further encouraged to find Hindi words that are also used in foreign languages. It aimed to promote Hindi language awareness among them.

Grades 3 to 5

Teachers Day Celebration (virtual) was held on September 7th. Students successfully celebrated this day with pride and respect in their eyes for teachers. An art activity appreciating their teachers on this day through greeting cards and messages was included.

Inter-House Quiz Competition was conducted on September 17th. This competition was an opportunity for students to participate in a short online Quiz. It helped them know about handwashing and hygiene.

Grades 3 to 10

Student Council Investiture Ceremony planned on September 7th could not be conducted owing to the constraints with regards to social distancing norms and physical gatherings. The Virtual Investiture was conducted in the month of June, 2020.

Hindi Diwas was celebrated on September 14th. The objective was to celebrate the adoption of Hindi as the official language of India and to increase the spirit of development of the language among students. It also stands as a patriotic reminder to Indian population of their common roots and unity. They showed their love for the Hindi language through a variety of programs virtually such as music, dance, speech, greeting card, poem recitation and more.

Grades 6 to 8

Teacher’s Day Celebration was held on September 6th. Through this celebration, student volunteers organized the activities to entertain and show respect to their teachers. Grade 10 students have taken 6-8 digital classes for one hour and relieved all teachers from duty. They recognized and acknowledged the challenges, hardships, and the special role that teachers play in their lives.

Grades 6 to 10

Inter-House Chess Competition scheduled in the month of September was cancelled. The competition was planned hoping that all students will be back on campus. However since classes continued on the DL mode, the competition could not be held.

Inter-House Quiz Competition planned on September 20th & 21st is postponed since we had to prioritize the reopening plans and streamline the learning provisions for the students who opted for the various learning models, this could not be done as per schedule. However, we will find a convenient window for this later in the term.

Innovation Expo was planned on September 24th but it coincided with the modified exam schedules for grades 6 to 9. However this will be meaningfully integrated with the program initiatives shared with us by the EXPO team and we will have a series of activities in the months of November, 2020 - December, 2020 in connection with the theme of Innovation.

Grade 9 & 10

Teacher’s Day Celebration was held on September 5th. Students actively participated in this celebration through various segments such as ‘In the teacher’s shoes’ and ‘Teach the Teacher’. It aimed to acknowledge the efforts of teachers in promoting education and to strengthen the student-teacher relationship.


British School, New Delhi Model United Nations Conference was conducted from September 4th to 6th. Students from grade 8 to 10 took part. They played role of delegates & political leaders in the conference and debated on various topics & agendas of common concern. They came up with solutions and framed resolution to bring them in action. The entire program developed the qualitative speaking, negotiation, diplomacy, collaboration, and team skills. It had five amazing committees where students experienced debates and discussions on various uprising issues.

International Day of Democracy - World Debate Committee was held from September 24th to 26th for grades 5 to 10. On the occasion of this day, IHS organized a debate competition. Teams from every section took part in various debate rounds. Students gained broad, multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines outside the learner's normal academic subjects. It increased learners' confidence, poise, and self-esteem.

Round Square Post Card Activity was hosted by IHS on September 30th. Students from grades 8 to 10 participated. This activity aimed to encourage schools of Round Square to share cultural aspect of their city and discuss on various issues to develop intellectual & communication skills. Twelve schools from South Korea, South Africa, Bangladesh, India, Tanzania, Zurich, Oman, and Dubai has participated in this meet. There was an intense level of discussions on the topic ‘Multiculturalism: New Normal by the students of participating Schools, teachers and moderators of HIS’.


A Talk for Parents on the topic ‘Importance of Foundation to Early Learning’ was conducted on September 9th for KG 1 & KG 2 parents. Through this talk, parents were enlightened on the topic.

Talks for Students on the topics ‘Self-Esteem (grade 6), Bully Proofing (grade 7), and Get Set Goal (grade 8) were held on September 9th, 14th & 21st respectively. These talks helped to enlighten students on the topics.

Talks for Students on the topics ‘Bullying (grade 3), Mindfulness (grade 4), and Time Management (grade 5)’ were held on September 14th, 16th & 23rd respectively. These talks helped to enlighten students on the topics.

A Talk for Students on the topic ‘Managing and Handling Pressure’ was conducted on September 16th for grade 9. The objective of this talk for students was to help them overcome their problems on handling pressure. They were given tips to overcome their problems on handling stress and pressure.

A Talk for Students on the topic ‘Exam Ready’ was conducted on September 17th for grade 10. Students were given tips to help them overcome exam anxiety.

Talks for Students on the topics ‘Staying Safe (grade 1) and Being Responsible for grade 2’ were conducted on September 21st & 23rd respectively. These talks helped to enlighten students on the topics.

Additional Activities and Programs

KG 1 & 2

Grand Parents Day was celebrated on September 12th. The purpose of this day was to honor grandparents and give them an opportunity to show love for their grandchildren. It also helped students become aware of the strength, information, and guidance older people can offer. They participated in the virtual celebration as they sang and recited rhymes for them. They also shared their pictures, thoughts, audios and videos with their grandparents.

Grade 1 & 2

Contact Free Greetings (virtual) was conducted on September 4th. During MEP sync period, teachers discussed & explained the importance of greetings and how they have changed in recent times. It created awareness among them about the importance of contact free greetings in COVID-19 situation.

International Literacy Day and DEAR (virtual) were held on September 21st. Students were involved in an assembly with the theme titled ‘Literacy’. English periods were used to develop their reading skills with emphasis on passages from Level Up. They expressed their understanding about stories read on the padlet wall of their class. They dressed-up as their favourite story book character and spoke about it during the activity period. They could relate to different story book characters. It helped to develop reading & speaking skills by expressing their likes about the character they choose from the story books.

Fill your Jar activity was organised on September 30th. Through this activity, students were encouraged to collate good values taught by Mathama Gandhi on Padlet Wall. It was discussed during their MEP and Values periods. They were asked to fill their virtual jar with good values that they will practice throughout the month. It aimed to promote virtues and good deeds among them.

Grades 6 to 10

CBSE Reading Week was organised from September 8th till 17th. This week helped students in reading texts with fluency, understanding & competence, and decoding groups of words/phrases & not just single words. A chain of competitions based on reading, short story writing, story review, meet the characters, round- robin stories and more were also included.

International Peace Day was celebrated on September 21st. Students expressed their thoughts about peace through their drawing and singing. They also spoke on peace in their own words. It aimed to dedicate the cessation of all hostilities around the world and to engage them in activities that promote global peace.

Grade 9

PT-1 was conducted from September 20th onwards. The objective was to review and evaluate students’ academic progress. Exams were administered online.

Grade 10

PTCS was organised from September 28th onwards. This session aimed to review and improve students’ academic performance through parent partnership & intervention. One-on-one meetings were scheduled with the parents.