School News October 2020

November 10, 2020


KG 1

Thematic Assembly (virtual) titled ‘All about Fruits – big fruit fight’ was held on October 22nd. This assembly aimed to work as a team. It also helped students to develop their personal, social, emotional and innovative skills making them more confident & independent learners. It was a great delight to watch them confidently speak their lines independently. It helped them understand the importance of having all the different kinds of fruits. They participated in the virtual online assembly with enthusiasm, the theme being Fruits, there is a healthy fruit fight where they all want to be part of the picnic. Each student from division ‘C’ enacted the role of a fruit. They performed on the “Fruit Fight Song”. They also shared their individual recordings. All of which was put together and presented for all.

KG 1 & KG 2

International Day of Peace & Non-Violence (Story Time) was held on October 1st. This activity aimed to instill a feeling of oneness, kindness and hope for all. A story narration was done by the teachers integrated with peace and non-violence. All the students took part in it and shared their thoughts on peace & non-violence as per their understanding.

DEAR - Drop Everything and Read was organised during this month (every Thursday). During this activity, students brought a book of their choice to read. A dedicated time is allotted every Thursday when they could pick up different kinds of books to read and explore as they enjoy listening to stories narrated by their teachers. It created opportunities to increase knowledge & vocabulary and to develop the pleasure of reading. It also achieved to encourage families at home to designate a special time to drop everything and read together.

KG 2

Organic Farming (virtual) was organized on October 14th. Students enjoyed using different vegetables from their kitchen and learning different ways to grow & make their own kitchen garden. The teachers demonstrated with examples and hands-on-activities. Students followed the same. Students were also encouraged to take part in ‘The World Food Day Competition’ and share their videos. This activity aimed to grow food the organic way. It also changed their attitude towards food in a positive way to make responsible food choices.

Visit to Supermarket – Educational Field Trip (virtual) was conducted on October 12th. The trip achieved its purpose to strengthen the students’ understanding of the structure of the supermarket as they were able to connect their classroom learnings to the real world. They enjoyed the virtual trip to the supermarket with their teacher and friends as they explored the different sections in the store and the people working in each section .They also spoke about the different hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery stores they see around UAE and differentiated one from the other. The session ended with a Quiz Time.

Global Awareness – Italy – Thematic Assembly (virtual) was held on October 19th. During this virtual online assembly, students from division ‘E’ talked about Italy – their Flag, culture, greetings, food, language and famous monuments & their importance. They magnificently performed “Tarantellas Dance”. They shared their individual recordings. It was put together and presented for all. They worked as a team and showed #weareinthistogether. They learnt about a country – national symbol, culture and greetings. It helped to enhance their language and communication skills. It also helped to develop their personal, social, emotional & innovative skills making them more confident and independent learners.

Grade 1 & 2

International Day of Non-Violence was held on October 1st. Special Assembly was conducted to instill the values taught by Gandiji. They chose a value taught by Mahatma Gandhi and shared their views about it during the English, Value or Reading program periods. Students were expressed the ideas of peace and non- violence through drawings and write ups. An activity was initiated to encourage students to do a good deed daily and fill it in the virtual Fill Your Jar (Padlet Wall).

Project Based Learning (PBL) planned for October 13th is postponed to the month of November, 2020.

Cool or Uncool activity was organised on October 18th. Students observed people around them and shared what they felt is a good value and why they like it. They also identified a quality in that person that they wanted to change. It was a value-based identification of quality. During the Building Bonds period, students were encouraged to be dressed in pink and support the Project 1. They identified a good healthy habit of their mother and suggested a habit that would make their mom more healthy.

School Doctor’s Talk was conducted on October 25th. This was an awareness talk related to the current situation. The message was to take care of their personal health.

Grades 3 to 5

International Day of Non-Violence was held on October 1st. A live event was held within the school showing participation from all the phases in one event. It was celebrated throughout the section with great participation of students in singing and skit performance. It aimed to mark the importance of non-violence to celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi, the birth anniversary of one of the most powerful peace activist.

Innovation Expo (Let’s Invent!!) was commenced on October 3rd (in progress). Students are given a chance to innovate and create projects with the themes of Expo 2020-2021. Information has been shared with students and will be executed within the month long process of creating projects.

Grades 6 to 8

International Day of Peace and Non-Violence was held on October 1st. The objective was to reinforce the culture of peace through education, to promote the respect of all human rights, and to ensure the gender equality. Students were engaged in a symposium at the class-level on the topic “the relevance of Gandhiji's principles in the present times” (online).

Grades 6 to 10

Innovation Expo Week activity planned from October 11th till 15th is postponed to the next month due to PT 1.2 examination. It will be conducted after the half yearly examination.

School Doctor’s Talk was conducted on October 22nd via online (Teams Live Event). The school doctor addressed the students on personal hygiene, precautions against diseases, and more. She gave important tips to protect ourselves in this current pandemic situation. Students understood the importance of personal hygiene.

Grade 9 & 10

International Day of Peace & Non-Violence was held on October 1st via online (Teams Live Event). This day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school. Students took part in the program. They were given opportunity to speak about peace. Students understood that peace is the basic principle of living for mankind as well as nature.

Grade 10

Student-Led Webinar-Imagineers was a live meeting on Teams which was conducted on October 14th. IIS Alumni who had made their mark in the CBSE exam hosted a webinar to inspire and motivate their juniors. Students understood the value of hard work and got inspiration from their seniors.


Round Square Head office organized its Post Card activity every week for its members to pick one and host in their School. For the month of October IHS has hosted the Post Card activity with other Round Square Schools. IHS has collaborated this activity with 10 international Schools. Students from different Schools and nationality have exchanged their views on the topic ‘Multiculturism: A new Normal’. Students of IHS showcased Dubai as one of the best examples of Multicultural Society. 86 Students and 11 teachers participated in this meeting. The meeting has received high appreciation from the Round Square group.


IHS Clubs will be beginning on November 17th, 2020.


A Talk for Parents of grades 1 to 8, whose ward receives learning support was held on October 1st via MS Team Live. This talk focused on overcoming distance learning challenges for students of determination. It helped to equip parents with ways to overcome their ward’s distance learning challenges.

Additional Activities and Programs

Grades 3 to 5

Pink Day ‘Dress for a Cause’– Breast Cancer Awareness Day was held on October 8th. Students understood the importance of Cancer Awareness. They were proud to be a part of the campaign. Students and teachers attended school dressed up in Pink to mark the importance of Pink October. Activities were planed based on creating awareness of Cancer. Students, designed ribbons with a message for their parents urging them to go for regular checkups.

Kindness Initiative activities for Project 1 was organised on October 15th & 22nd. Students were asked to create kindness clouds for their friends and write kind sentences about each friend. They realized the importance of being kind to one another. They were also asked to design kindness stamps, logos and posters on an online app names Canva. They were also given an option to hand design it. They were excited about their creations and felt the pride in sharing it with the teachers and class mates.

Grades 6 to 9

PTCS was organised on October 12th via online (Teams Live Event). Through this session, parents understood their ward’s strengths and weaknesses. It was a one-to-one meeting with parents to discuss their wards’ learning and progress.


A Talk for Students of grade 9 on the topic ‘Managing Stress’ was held on October 21st via MS Teams – Live Event. The purpose was met by enlightening students on managing stress efficiently.