School News May 2020

June 10, 2020


KG 1

Thematic Assembly titled ‘All About Colours’ was held on May 27th with mass participation of division ‘A’. During this online assembly, students talked about different colours and how the world would be without colours. They also shared their individual recordings. All of which was put together and presented for all. It aimed to work as a team and show #weareinthistogether. It also helped them develop their personal, social, emotional and innovative skills making them more confident & independent learners.

KG 1 & KG 2

Islamic Week (Spirit of Ramadan) was conducted on May 4th. This week aimed to instill good values of giving and sharing. It also helped students know the importance of gratitude in our lives. They were involved in artwork with the theme ‘Ramadan Kareem’ using their creativity and imagination. It encouraged them to share their thoughts and gratitude in our lives. Gross and fine motor skills were developed as they created cards & lanterns to share with their family & friends.

D.E.A.R. was organised during this month. Through this activity, story video narrated by their teachers with a moral was posted for students to enjoy and learn. A dedicated time was allotted every Thursday. They picked up different kinds of books to read and explore as per their choice either independently or as a collaborative reading with their parents. It created opportunities to read books of their choice, increase knowledge & vocabulary and to develop the pleasure of reading. It also aimed to encourage families at home to designate a special time to drop everything and read together.

Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 10th. Students showed their mother how much they mean to them. They enjoyed this day with their mom’s joining them during their sync sessions. They had fun singing and gifting cards with a thank you note for everything they do for them. It was also an opportunity to learn, explore and share their ideas to make the day special for their mothers. They were able to understand, appreciate and speak all that their mothers do for them every day.

Project Based Learning (Recycling Drive – Best Out of Waste) was conducted from May 17th till 21st. This collaborative activity encouraged students to produce simple 3D models using recycle materials available at home. It gave wings to their imagination as they spend quality time with their family members. They worked on two different themes – ‘World of Shapes’ and ‘My Imaginary Vehicle’. The culmination was done through a ‘Show & Tell’ during async sessions. It was an opportunity for them to present and share their work with their peers & teachers. It also helped them learn the importance of 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle), think creatively, create their own models and improve fine & gross motor skills. They demonstrated confidence and built on their vocabulary & knowledge.

KG 2

Bullying Prevention Week was conducted from May 4th to 7th. The objective for students was to respect differences, co-operate, share and understand other kid’s feelings. It also aimed to reduce any bullying behaviors now or in later years resulting in safe and secure environment. This awareness was spread through stories & videos titled “Keep your Hands to Yourself” and teacher’s talk. It helped them identify friendly & respectful behavior among friends and create a bullying free environment.

Cleanliness Week was conducted from May 10th till 14th. Students learnt to keep themselves and their surroundings clean & tidy. It also helped to imbibe in them the good clean habits which they can carry throughout their lives keeping them physically and mentally healthy leading to a healthy nation. Awareness through videos, teacher’s talk and hands-on activities showcasing the importance of personal hygiene were included.

Thematic Assembly (Country) titled ‘Global Awareness – Incredible India’ was held on May 20th with mass participation of division ‘A’. During this online assembly, students talked about India, their culture, food & clothes worn in different parts and famous monuments & their importance. A splendid dance performance from the different states of India was also included. They shared their individual recordings. It was put together and presented for all of them. They worked as a team and showed #weareinthistogether. It helped to develop their personal, social, emotional & innovative skills making them more confident and independent learners.

Grade 1 & 2

Mother’s Day Celebration was held on May 3rd. Students expressed love for their mother through card making, singing, and drawing. Fun activity challenges were also arranged through their sync session.

Islamic Week (Spirit of Ramadan) was conducted from May 3rd to 6th. In Islamic classes, students talked about the importance of the Holy Month of Ramadan. They also made a Dua Book about the Holy Month of Ramadan and recited the Holy Quran. It helped them to be more compassionate and empathetic to those who are in need.

Anti-Bullying Week was conducted from May 3rd till 7th. Through this week, students understood what bullying & bullied mean and what will they do when they see bullying or are bullied kids. Grade 1 students made flag poster on anti-bullying. Grade 2 students expressed what they understood by bullying and anti-bullying. They wrote a pledge on anti-bullying.

Book Character Day was held from May 10th to 14th. Students dressed as their favourite character from the story book and talked about it in their sync session. They made video and shared it in the google classroom. It was an opportunity for them to confidently talk about their favourite character.

Innovation and Enterprise Week - Rectangle Art (Best Out of Waste) was organised from May 17th to 21st. Students shared their innovative ideas through video/ write up/ prepared model related to basic skills in day to day life. They came up with some innovation. It enhanced their creativity by using waste materials and turning it into new product.

Grades 3 to 5

Bullying Prevention Week was conducted from May 3rd till 7th. During this week, students were briefed about cyber safety and ethics. They also attempted a quiz on the same.

Islamic Week (Spirit of Ramadan) was conducted from May 3rd to 7th. This week was an opportunity for Islamic students to practice random acts of kindness. They also shared their experiences on notes. Awareness presentation was included.

House Inception Ceremony was held on May 4th. Teachers sent a list to the students (only color coded in the house color without house name) who will need to come dressed in the respective color mentioned in the list as there is a surprise waiting for them. A ppt on names of houses was played and their house name revealed to them in the first zoom session.

Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 10th. In art education, students were engaged in surprise greeting card. They created greeting cards and their work was shared on Twitter page. In value education, they participated in activity titled ‘how to show gratitude to parents’.

Literary Week was conducted from May 10th till 14th. During this week, grade 3 students participated in ‘Poem in your Pocket’ activity. They composed a poem and recited it for their classmates via recording. It was shared on Grade 4 & 5 students were engaged in ‘Tales with a Twist’ activity. It was an opportunity for them to be a book Authors. They made a book using the platform It helped to improve their literary skills.

Innovation Week activities were organised from May 17th till 21st. These activities were opportunities for students to innovate and make a 'Useful Invention' using recyclable materials. They actively took part and used their imaginations. They created work of art by making Bird Feeders, Recycled Games and Hanging Gardens. Their work was shared on Twitter page. Making useful invention for grade 3, tux paint for grade 4 and movie recording for grade 5 were included.

World No Tobacco Day was held on May 31st. The objective was spreading awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco and staying safe. They were given the task to design social awareness posters on World No Tobacco Day. They were involved in assembly and poster making on Say No to Tobacco.

Grades 6 to 8

Bullying Prevention Week was conducted from May 3rd to 7th. Students indulged in poster making and created bullying prevention pledge wall. They shared and realized the importance to stand for prevention of bullying incidents. Islamic week – the Holy Month of Ramadan awareness was also included during this week.

Student Council Selections were organised from May 3rd till 20th. The purpose for students was to gain confidence, to lead & understand sense of responsibility and to work together to improve the fellow student’s overall performance. They applied for Student Council online selections.

Mother’s Day Celebration was held on May 10th. Through digital platform, students created a poem/card. It was an opportunity for them to show their gratitude towards their mother. They appreciated their mother for being the strongest pillar of their family.

Literary Week was conducted from May 10th to 14th. During this week, students participated in interesting activities such as record a story in Arabic, spin a yard (English / Hindi) and write a letter to your favorite author. It brought out creative mini authors. They engaged themselves in reading, writing, and recording stories in various languages.

Innovation and Enterprise Week was conducted on May 17th. This week aimed to improve students’ creativity and imagination skills. It also helped to develop their thought about ideas out of the box to create fantasy parks. They created online games by extending their learning and researching more about use of functions in Python programming. They were involved in online game development and created a fantasy park online.

Islamic Quiz was organised on May 21st for final round. This quiz was an opportunity for students to participate in a healthy competition.

World No Tobacco Day was held on May 31st. During this day, students were engaged in assembly. It created awareness among them about the topic. It also helped them recognize the ill-effects of Tobacco.

Grade 9 & 10

National Bullying Prevention Week was conducted from May 3rd to 7th. During this week, students responded positively and shared their thoughts on bullying through various activities like Be a Buddy, not a Bully Challenge, Creating a Garden of Kindness, Change the theme of your desktop/laptop screen flashing an Anti-Bullying slogan, Virtual Talk Show, Learn to Love and Appreciate Yourself- Colour me flag. It encouraged them to fight the social evil of bullying through building self -awareness and equipping their peers.

Student Council Selections planned from May 3rd till 20th and Online Voting scheduled during this month were postponed to June as the Council structure had to be revamped and approved.

Islamic Quiz was held on May 5th, 12th & 19th. Islamic students participated in a quiz comprising of three rounds. It helped them understand the importance and features of the Holy Month of Ramadan and the Holy Quran. It also helped to deepen knowledge and understanding of the relevant topics.

Ramadan Awareness was organised on May 6th. The purpose was to spread awareness about the Holy Month of Ramadan and its importance. Students asked & cleared their doubts regarding the Holy Month of Ramadan and fasting through padlet.

Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 10th. This day aimed to instill in students the value of love and gratitude for their mother. They also pay a tribute to her through various creative activities such as artwork, write-ups, slogans and more. They expressed gratitude for mothers round the world.

Literary Week was conducted from May 11th till 14th. This week helped to foster love & appreciation for language and literature. An array of individual/collaborative activities was opened to students during the live sessions of English, Hindi, French and Arabic such as JAM (Just A Minute) and Debate. The week concluded with a photo caption challenge and BoB -Battle of the Books.

Innovation and Enterprise Week was conducted from May 17th to 21st. Through this week, students exhibited their skills of innovation and enterprise. They were engaged in various activities such as web designing, hour of code, animation, and more.

World No Tobacco Day was held on May 31st. The purpose was to raise awareness among students about the cons of the use of tobacco. There was a short talk by the students on this topic in the morning assembly.


Wellbeing Care Letters were organised from May 1st till 23rd for students, parents and staff. These letters equipped them with concrete tools for them to practice well-being. It also helped them enhance their wellbeing & positivity and strengthen their coping skills & mental health.

Additional Completed Activities and Programs


Webinars for Training were conducted from May 7th till May 27th for Counsellors, Special Educators and Middle Level Leaders respectively. The topics attended were ‘Sensory smart strategies for children with sensory processing disorder & ADHD’, ‘Building emotional resilience for a stronger future’ – SP Jain Webinar, ‘Supporting High School Counselors during COVID’ by Dr. Sarah Sease, ‘KHDA- What Works - how to ensure accessibility to DL for SD with high needs’, ‘Tips & advice for teaching remotely’, ‘KHDA- What Works - how do we know students are learning during DL’, ‘New insights for building disability pride & empowering students with hidden disabilities’- Presence learning, ‘The ADHD Guide to fighting stigma – how to defend your diagnosis & build your self-esteem', and ‘How schools can support parents & families amid the COVID-19 pandemic’ –Education Week.