School News March 2020

April 28, 2020


KG 1

Thematic Assembly planned on March 8th was cancelled due to COVID-19.

KG 1 & KG 2

Reading Lounge activities were conducted from March 1st till 4th. KG 1 students were encouraged to speak in front of a group. It helped to improve their communication skills and to develop their ability to answer questions well. Teacher also initiated the story titled ‘the town mouse and the country mouse’. Sight words were brushed up while reading the sentences. Towards the end of the story narration, pictures were shown in which they sequenced them and made a mind map. It also helped them understand that words are read from left to right and pages are read from top to bottom. They made connections among sounds, letters, words, pictures and meaning. They read simple story books independently, identified characters, settings & events, predicted outcomes, recall, retell & re-enact stories, spoke own make- up & real stories and relate stories to real life situations. KG 2 students were encouraged to read the book of their choice with teachers guidance followed by a group discussion of characters and incidents in the story. It helped to encourage active participation and increase their vocabulary. Sight words were also brushed up while reading the sentences. Towards the end of the story narration, pictures were shown in which they sequenced them and made a mind map. It helped in developing their listening skills, in facilitating their comprehending skills & creative expression, in stimulating their critical thinking and in making real life connections.

Little Explorers activities were held from March 1st to 5th. During these activities, KG 1 students were engaged in ‘Kaleidoscope Exploration’. They were able to observe how kaleidoscope looked like from the inside. They were also able to talk about how a kaleidoscope work because of the mirror and sprinkles inside it. KG 2 students were involved in ‘How Light Travel Experiment’. They worked by group in building the cardboard with clay in a straight line. They were also hit the target with their light on their torch and were able to conclude that light travel in a straight line. Other activities planned from March 8th till 19th were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Innovation Station, Kiddies Junction, Art & Craft activities planned from March 1st to 19th were cancelled due to COVID-19.

KG 2

Thematic Assembly and Global Awareness planned on March 5th was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Grades 1 to 8

Annual School Picnic planned on March 10th & 11th were cancelled due to COVID-19.


World Scholar Cup planned on March 20th & 21st was postponed by the organisers till June, 2020 due to COVID-19. The next date will be decided based on the present pandemic situation.

Open House scheduled on scheduled on March 24th, 25th & 26th for KG to Grade 8 were cancelled due to COVID-19.


Annual Trainings on the topics ‘ADHD’, ‘Anxiety, Self-Esteem’, ‘Memory: making it easier to think, learn & remember’ and ‘Written Expression’ were conducted from March 12th till 22nd for Counsellors, Special Educators, Speech Therapists and LSAs. These trainings provided a deep insight into the different aspects of ADHD with strategies that can be used for school children. A better understanding of the different factors and manifestations of anxiety with strategies to handle was given. Theory, symptoms and strategies of self-esteem were explained. The different aspects of memory with reference to thinking, learning and remembering were dealt with extensively. An introduction and the manifestations of written expression along with strategies in a progressive way were explained with activities.


Annual Sports Day scheduled on March 1st & 2nd for KG 2 and on March 11th & 12th for KG 1were cancelled because of the lockdown. All the external activities were cancelled.