School News July & August 2020

September 21, 2020


Summer Camp was conducted from July 5th to 29th. This camp aimed to provide maximum experience to the campers. It offered a unique camp atmosphere in which nature and sports were emphasized. Innovative activities and talent search were included. It helped students in developing lifelong skills, teamwork and resiliency with mental stimulation & physical activity. It was also an opportunity to promote independence, make time for play, foster growth, learn and develop new skills & knowledge. It allowed confidence building to reinforce by success, led to a new type of friendship-bonding and create a unique interest.


Round Square – Model United Nations Conference was held from July 3rd to 5th for grades 8 to 10. Under Round Square collaboration, IHS hosted its first virtual International MUN where 43 schools participated and more than 450 students under 13 United Nations Committee. Students played roles of delegates & political leaders in the conference and debated on various topics & agendas of common concern.

Our students from grade 9 & 10 participated in Welham Boys’ (Dehradun) Virtual Model United Nations Conference (WELMUN 2020) on July 18th & 19th. This year theme for the conference was “Planorum Similium Partium'' (Latin) for ‘sum of the parts’. With the rise of nationalism and populism, the world today is fragmented into many factions, each eager to suppress the other. At WELMUN '20, students wised to deliberate upon numerous global issues to make a sum from these fragmented parts; a sum which is united and has no fear of subtractions. Student of IHS won Outstanding Delegate Award.

Round Square Collaborations - Welham Girls’ (Dehradun) Cultural Fest was organised from July 18th till 25th for grades 6 to 10. Students participated in Poetry - English, French & Hindi, Digital Art, Poster Making and Photography programs. Our student won the third place in Digital Art section.

IHS Symposium planned on July 27th & 28th for grade 9 & 10 was postponed due to some logistic issues.

Round Square- Bangalore International School’s, Dance Competition was conducted from August 2nd till 22nd for grades 6 to 10. Art is an amalgamation of the intellect and emotions. It offers a unique means by which we can express ourselves and our culture in this diverse world. In times of COVID, Art definitely is a way to collaborate with others, far and near, about what we see, feel and sense. To nurture creativity and hidden talent in students BIS invited dance entries under the theme ‘Save the World’. We have chosen dance as a language of expression and collaboration. “Dance is the hidden language of the soul” Dance & The Style: Fusion Dancers were allowed to fuse two dance styles in their online performance. Students made best use of the opportunity to explore Global Education platform, collaboration with other Round Square Schools around the world.

Round Square Collaborations - Chittagong Grammar School, Dhaka, Bangladesh organised Online Youth Conclave 2020 under the theme "Fearless Future Forward" from August 6th to 9th. The conclave had four days of academic sessions, debates, art sessions, cooking sessions, and social cultural celebration. 3 students from our school participated.

Round Square – SAI International’s Model United Nations Conference (Bhubaneswar) was held on August 13th & 14th for grade 9 & 10. Team of 24 students from our school participated in SAI International MUN and won 12 awards under different categories. Students played roles of delegates representing different countries.