School News January 2020

February 9, 2020


KG 1 & KG 2

Reading Lounge activities were conducted from January 5th till 30th. Through these activities, KG 1 students related stories to real life situations, understood the words, read from left to right & pages from top to bottom. They were encouraged to talk about the cover page, read simple story books independently, brushed up sight words through reading sentences and made their own stories. This increased their willingness to communicate their thoughts and feelings. It was also an opportunity for them to make connections among sounds, letters, words, picture and meaning. KG 2 students reads more challenging text decoding using phonic knowledge, talked & listened with confidence. They showed awareness of the listener by including relevant details. They were encouraged to understand and speak about what they read. They were also encouraged to read a book without teachers’ guidance. This encouraged active participation and increased their vocabulary. They also identified the CVC words & ‘sight words’ which they were familiar with. They explored the meanings, events in the story and made their own stories.

Kiddies Junction activities were held from January 5th to 30th. These activities helped students to develop their fine motor, eye-hand co-ordination and problem solving skills. KG 1 students were engaged in “My Small World” – winter wonderland activity, Practical Life Skills - sorting pulses & lentils, spaghetti bead towers and Performing Area – dressing up for winter season. They showcased their creativity in making their own winter wonderland world. KG 2 participated in “My Small World” – sunny days activity (beach world), Lego Corner - model of their choice or make a model of the given picture and Performing Area – winter wonderland. It helped to develop their sense of responsibility, independence and self-confidence. Their language and social skills were enhanced as well as their creative and imaginative skills. It was also an opportunity for them to express the importance of wearing thick clothes during winter season, make their own beach world, build different models and dramatize some activities they do on winter season.

Innovation Station activities were organised from January 5th to 30th. In Gizmo Corner, KG 1 students were involved in ‘puzzles for my country’ and ‘sky by day & night’ while KG 2 participated in ‘all about India’ and ‘weather’ activities. They were able to express the importance of wearing thick clothes in winter season, solve puzzles for weather & seasons, draw & talk about the famous landmarks of UAE & INDIA and blend, read & write the words for day & night. They also solved puzzles for addition with pictures, for addition & subtraction and for weather, draw & talk about their favorite seasons, and wrote the words for India & read it. In Recycling Corner, KG 1 students participated in ‘Nehru cap making’ while KG 2 students were engaged in ‘tissue bag making’. It helped them know about recycling by doing their craft activity. It also helped to develop their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, independence and creativity.

Little Explorers were conducted from January 5th till 30th. During these activities, KG 1 students were engaged in Penguin Feather Experiment and Animal Body Covering Exploration. They predicted, observed & came to conclusion about penguin’s feather, experienced by touch & feel how each body covering differ from each other, observed & talked about some animal’s body cover, identified which animal has this body covering and how important it is for the animal. KG 2 students were involved in Water Fireworks Experiment and Making Bubble Experiment. It was an opportunity for them to explore different materials, talk about bubbles how it looks like, why it pop so fast and what is inside of it. They were able to predict, observe and come to conclusion. Extended learning about fireworks was also included.

Art & Craft activities were held from January 5th to 30th. Students were involved in Folding Tiger Head, Colouring Activity and Making Snowflakes respectively. They learnt different kinds of animals such as pet, farm & wild animals, different symbols of India, those snowflakes can only be seen during winter season, proper skills to colour the lotus flower & peacock, making the tiger head by folding the paper and making snowflakes by putting the cotton buds. They also learnt taking turns and enjoyed doing the activities. It helped to develop their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, independence, creativity and problem solving skills.

D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) was organised from January 9th till 30th (every Thursday). This activity was an opportunity for students to read books they wanted and enjoy the pleasure of reading. It also encouraged families at home to designate a special time to drop everything and read.

Grade 1 & 2

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Integrity’ was conducted on January 14th. Through this assembly, students performed a short skit to show what integrity means. It helped them learn the meaning and importance of this value in our everyday life.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Honesty’ was conducted on January 21st. This assembly helped students understood that honesty or being truthful all the time is important to us, to community and to society.

Grade 2

Math Café activity was organised from January 20th to 23rd. During this activity, Mini Café was set up and all the snacks & drinks were prepared. Students wore costumes like they were really in a café and parents were the main guests. It provided opportunity for students to apply the skills in real-life situation and learn the importance of collaboration & team work.

Grade 3

Thematic Assembly titled ‘New Year Resolution’ was held on January 8th. The purpose was to encourage students to take up New Year Resolutions to help them set a goal and work toward achieving it. PPT presentation, student talk and counsellor talk were included.

Thematic Assembly was held on January 15th. Students conducted a class assembly on ‘Forgiveness’ with PPT presentation, skit, student talk and counsellor talk. It helped them understand the nature and importance of forgiveness.

Grade 4

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Equality’ was conducted on January 22nd. Through skit, PPT presentation, student talk, speech and counsellor talk, students understood what equality means.

Grade 9 & 10

Picnic was organised on January 28th. This fun-filled outdoor picnic at Motion Gate helped students to rejuvenate & strengthen their bonds with peers and at the same time relieve stress.


Republic Day was celebrated on January 26th. Students from grades 5 to 8 showcased their performance. This grand event aimed to instill essence of patriotism among students wherein they participated in various events inspiring the audience to be healthy, happy and fit. They got the spirit of the effort and sacrifices done by Indians during their fight for freedom along with the cultural heritage arousing a sense of pride in being a citizen of a country with a rich cultural past.


Annual Athletic Meet planned on January 30th for grades 5 to 10 was postponed to the next month due to unavailability of venue.