School News April 2020

May 11, 2020


KG 1

Toy Joy Day (My Favorite Toy) was held on April 7th. The objective of this day was to give students the chance to speak independently. It also helped to develop their speaking skills and self-esteem. They brought their favorite toys and spoke few sentences about it.

KG 1 & KG 2

Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd. During this day, students created Earth Day posters by paper tearing using newspaper. They also spoke about not cutting the trees instead planting a tree and saving a life. It helped them understand the importance of taking care of mother earth through simple actions.

D.E.A.R. activity was conducted during this month (every Thursday).This activity was an opportunity for students to read books they wanted and enjoy the pleasure of reading. It also aimed to encourage families at home to designate a special time to drop everything and read at home. They picked up different kinds of books to explore and develop love for reading.

Safety Week was held from April 28th to 30th. Students were taught on the importance of safety at various places like at home - not to open doors to strangers, do not touch electrical switches and on the road - follow the traffic signals, pedestrian crossing. Not to litter around through stories and role plays was also included. It helped them learn how to be safe at home and outside.

KG 2

City Tour was organized on April 6th.Through virtual city tour, students were able to learn about the rich cultural heritage of Dubai. It created awareness among them of the rich cultural heritage of Dubai.

Grade 1 & 2

Safety Week was held from April 19th to 23rd. Students were involved in MEP lesson and demonstration on the proper ways of washing hands. ICT lessons on ‘Do & Don’t related to internet safety’ wherein they made a poster on internet safety using the paint program was also included. It created awareness among them on safety at home, school, on playgroups, internet safety and more.

Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd. Through a sync session, students were engaged in reading task and art/craft about earth day. They expressed their views on the topic through video, poem and drawing (Reading/Value classes). It helped them understand the importance of saving our mother earth. It also created awareness among them of the 3R’s.

Grades 3 to 5

KYS Week was conducted from April 5th to 16th. Students got to know their teachers and peers. Presentation about ‘Online Learning - Know How’ and ‘Online Rules & Safety while Distance Learning’ were shared with students and parents via zoom sessions. They were given awareness on social distancing and wellbeing.

Safety Week (#stay home stay healthy) was held from April 19th till 22nd. During this week, awareness videos were shared with students on how to stay safe amidst the pandemic situation. Basic health measures such as wash hands, cover your mouth and wear a mask in public places were also shared.

World Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd. This day was an opportunity for students to make posters on "saving the planet". They also recited quotes on significance of Earth Day and 3R's along with various other activities in all subjects related to the topic.

World Book Day celebration was held on April 23rd. In Art Education, students made book marks and book covers. They also created their favorite book characters with notes on "how reading inspires you?". They actively took part in the Book Day activities.

Spirit of Giving (Ramadan) was organized from April 26th to 30th. The objective was to encourage the 'spirit of giving' in students and values on the same. They responded well during this week and took part in the spirit of giving activities like 'random acts of kindness'.

Grades 6 to 8

Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd. Through this day, students created posters on the theme ‘Save Earth, Save Humanity’. It created awareness among them about the changing situation of Earth and how they can save it.

World Book Day was held on April 23rd. This day was an opportunity for students to stimulate their interest, imagination and language. It also helped to expose them to the joys of reading. ‘Read Aloud’ program was included.

Safety Week was conducted on April 30th. Students created posters, power point presentations and collage using various online platforms like google slides, pictochart, canava and padlet on Cyber Safety / Safety Rules to be followed while using public transport and while in public places. It was a group and individual activities.

Grade 9 & 10

Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd & 23rd. The purpose was to sensitize students about the theme titled ‘Climate Action’. It also helped them to be attentive and updated about the current situation the world is facing. They responded positively and shared their thoughts on the two questions that were posted on the padlet wall.

World Book Day was held from April 23rd to 25th. Students were exposed to a bag of activities to choose from - ‘A Tribute to the Classic Authors’, ‘My Favourite Author and Book’, ‘Be an Author’. It aimed to spread awareness among them about the importance of reading, celebrating great authors and illustrators of the literary world.

Safety Week with the theme titled ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ was conducted from April 28th till 30th. During this week, an array of individual/collaborative activities were opened to students - Poster Making, Video Making, Slideshow, Photostory, Collage Suggested themes (cyber safety, road safety, health & safety, safety at home, safety while travelling, safety at workplace). It helped to build self-awareness, to make others aware of the various safety hazards and to join hands & get going.


Wellbeing Care Letters were organised through the entire month of April, 2020 for students, parents and staff. These letters equipped them with concrete tools for them to practice well-being. It also helped them enhance their wellbeing & positivity and strengthen their coping skills & mental health.