Forthcoming November 2020 (16th through 30th)

November 14, 2020


KG 1

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Modes of Transport’ will be held on November 25th. Students will present a skit with a given theme which would be shared virtually with the entire students. It aims to instill self-confidence, self-esteem and teamwork. It will also provide them a platform to perform, present and learn.

KG 1 & KG 2

UAE National Day Celebrations will be held on November 29th. The purpose is to mark the 49th UAE National Day Celebrations. Students will show their love and respect towards UAE, its traditions, rich culture & heritage. They will participate in a virtual celebration as they talk about the country, national symbols, new additions, dance and sing with their peers.

D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) activity will be conducted during this month (weekly). Through this activity, teacher will read stories to the students with discussion on the plot, characters, beginning and the end. It will help to encourage them to read their favourite story and create their own story map. It will give them more opportunities to read books they want and enjoy the pleasure of reading. It also aims to encourage families at home to designate a special time to drop everything and read at home.

KG 2

Global Awareness – Thematic Assembly will be held on November 24th. Students will present a country through thematic assembly. They will have PPT of the country’s national symbols and will talk about its culture and way of greetings. It will be an opportunity for them to learn and get familiarize about new country. It will also encourage them to develop self-confidence and their language & communication development.

Grade 1 & 2

PM Day (Perfect Mobile Picture) will be held on November 23rd.Students will select and upload their best pic on the padlet wall, during the Art and Craft period.

My Hygge (Feeling of Wellness) will be organised on November 23rd. Students will express what brings happiness to them and share it with the class during the MEP period.

UAE National Day Celebrations will be held on November 29th. This activity will be conducted during sync session. Students will be engaged in a special assembly related to the celebration of UAE day.

Grades 3 to 10

UAE National Day Celebrations will be held on November 26th (online). This day will be celebrated with awareness talks, demonstrations and presentations related to the UAE and its rich culture & heritage. Students will understand the historical significance of National Day. They will also recognize the UAE’s rich history, colorful traditions and outstanding achievements.

Grades 6 to 8

Arts & Cultural Fest will be conducted from November 16th till 19th (online). Students will participate in a variety of arts and cultural events ranging from music, dance, drama and drawing. It will help to strengthen their creative skills, develop dramaturgical skill, creative movement and build healthy self-identities.


A Talk for Parents of grades 1 to 4 on the topic ‘Intelligences & Wellbeing’ will be conducted on November 18th. This talk will help in enlightening parents on the topic to understand multiple intelligence and ways to nurture intelligence for Wellbeing of their wards.

A Talk for Students of grade 5 will be held on November 23rd. Through this talk, students will be enlightened on Growing Up Gracefully.

A Talk for Students of grade 4 will be held on November 25th. The purpose is enlightening students on Observe, Initiate and Participate.

A Talk for Students of grade 6 will be held on November 30th. The objective is enlightening students on Effective Communication skills.