Forthcoming February (Second Half) 2020

February 12, 2020


KG 1

Thematic Assembly with the theme ‘UAE’ will be held on February 25th. Students will present a skit about the topic. It will provide opportunity to appreciate others performing in front of them. It will also help them learn national symbols, culture and greetings. It will promote personal and social development as they learn about the culture of UAE.

KG 1 & KG 2

Innovation Station will be conducted from February 16th to 27th. In Gizmo Corner activities, KG 1 students will be engaged in ‘our environment and seasons’ while KG 2 students will be involved in ‘seasons, sun, moon, star, day and night’. KG 1 students will solve puzzles through educational games. They will do blending & unscramble words to find the correct word and make sentences orally from those words. They will also blend, read and write two & three letter words. They will have fun with colors and painting. It aims to acquaint and engage oneself to digital learning. It will also be an opportunity for them to experiment with sound, light, drawing, painting and create their own creativity & story. They will demonstrate and acquire skills in counting, phonemic awareness, reading skills and problem-solving skills. KG 2 students will solve puzzles on seasons, on number concepts and on additions & subtractions. They will also solve puzzles based on different stories and related to CVC words. They will do tracing of cursive letters and words. They will draw and talk about different seasons & weather and its importance. They will also read online stories. It will be an opportunity for them to demonstrate understanding of fun games & activities and be able to work independently. It will also help them in enhancement of vocabulary building, reading skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Demonstrating the awareness of Environment and seasons will be included. In Recycling Corner activities, KG 1 students will participate in ‘basket making’ while KG 2 students will be involved in ‘fairy doll making’. They will make their own basket using old plastic bottles & own fairy doll using old magazines and other decorative materials. It will be an opportunity for them to create new things from recyclable materials. They will pretend that they are at a market place / shopping store and carry their baskets. They will also know the things we can put inside a basket. They will play doll with their classmates and know if they have a favorite fairy. It will help them to develop their fine motor skills, creativity and communication skills.

Reading Lounge activities with the theme titled ‘my country - India and UAE’ and ’sky - by day and night’ for KG 1 and ‘all about India and weather’ for KG 2 will be organised from February 16th till 27th. KG 1 students will be asked to come forward one by one & act out the word they read and rest of the students have to guess the word. Teacher will also encourage them talk about how to organize a birthday party. They will read simple story books independently. Brush up sight words through reading sentences. They will also be asked to make their own stories and relate it to real life situations. They have to make connections using sounds, letters, words, picture and meaning. ‘Town mouse & country mouse’ and ‘kippers birthday’ are the stories to be narrated. While narrating the story, teacher will ask questions in between. It will help to increase their willingness to communicate thoughts and feelings. Towards the end of the story narration, pictures will be shown in which they will sequence them and make a mind map. It will help them understand the words and read from left to right and pages from top to bottom. KG 2 students will be asked to discuss the cover page of the story and elicit answers. They will identify the CVC words and sight words they are familiar with. They will also be encouraged to understand and speak about what they read, explore the meanings and events in the story. Picture on ICT will be shown and they will be asked to make their own stories. ‘At the seaside’ and ‘kipper the clown’ are the stories to be narrated. Teacher will initiate the story. It aims to encourage them to read a book without teachers’ guidance, followed by a group discussion of characters and incidents in the story. It will help to encourage active participation and increase their vocabulary. It will be an opportunity for them to read more challenging text decoding using phonic knowledge. They will also talk and listen with confidence, consistently showing awareness both the listener by including relevant details.

Little Explorers activities will be held from February 16th to 27th. Through these activities, KG 1 students will be involved in ‘make a cloud – rain experiment’ while KG 2 students will be engaged in ‘how light travel experiment’. They will explore and find out how the cloud & rain is formed. They will do a collaborative activity and will be given materials to build wall with a hole made of cardboard. It will help to show how light travels in a straight line using a torch. It will be an opportunity for them to explore different materials. They will learn and understand about the weather. They will understand and talk about how light travels. They will observe and compare. It will help them enhance their reasoning skills and problem solving skills.

Art & Craft activities will be conducted from February 16th till 27th. The objective is to develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and creativity. It will also help to enhance vocabulary skills. They will use and combine different materials to create an artwork. They will also present and express their artwork. KG 1 students will participate in Flag Making (paper mosaic) using punched paper. KG 2 students will be involved in Day and Night Craft Activity using different materials.

D.E.A.R. - Drop Everything And Read activity will continue till February 27th. The purpose of this activity for students is to give them more opportunities to read books they want and enjoy the pleasure of reading. It also aims to encourage families at home to designate a special time to drop everything and read at home. There will be a lot of hands on activities including the extended learning activities where reading is mainstream of the day.

KG 2

Thematic Assembly & Global Awareness will be held on February 20th. Through this assembly, students will present a country. They will have PPT of the country’s national symbols and will talk about its culture & way of greetings. It will help them learn and get familiarize about a certain country. Learn their national symbols, culture and greetings. It will also encourage them to develop self-confidence, language and communication.

Little Explorers – Field Trip will be organised on February 27th. Students will get a chance to learn and develop through hands-on play allowing them to unlock their imagination and explore the world around them. It will also help to develop their sense of individuality & social understanding, learn about spatial & time-related awareness, excite their thirst for knowledge, build their understanding of science & technology and burn off some energy through exercise.

Grade 3 & 4

Special Assembly planned for February 12th is now postponed to February 19th. The objective is to appreciate students’ participation in sports activities. The sports day winners will receive medals and certificates. Inspirational speeches from the Section Supervisor and Counsellor is included.


Annual Day will be held on February 17th & 18th for grade 1 & 2. Students will showcase their talent in dancing, singing, acting and their ability to execute different drills. They will also remember and appreciate the bravery, sacrifices & loyalty of our Indian Soldiers.

Fire Drill will be conducted on February 24th. During this drill, Civil Defence personnel with the help of firefighters will demonstrate evacuation procedures adopted during an emergency for students. It will create awareness of the measures adopted by school for the safety of students and staff members.


Kids Gym on the topics ‘manipulative movements, patterns that permits gross & fine motor contacts with objects’ for KG 1 and ‘rhythmic movements activities’ for KG 2 will be held from February 16th to 27th. KG 1 students will participate in Grasping and Cup Stacking Activity. It will be an opportunity for them to get moving as they have to run on place to another while grasping an object and stacking it. It will help to develop their gross and fine motor skills. They will also participate in Skittle Game. It is similar to bowling where they should hit the “skittles” (bowling pins) with the ball. It will help to develop their psychomotor skills, focus and concentration. They will demonstrate movements like grasping, picking, rolling, pilling and stacking that will help improve to manipulate fingers accurately. KG 2 students will be engaged in Rhythmic Ribbons and Moving to the Music. It will help them learn to use a prop (ribbon) by moving their bodies. It will encourage them to focus on balance, a variety of movements and making the prop central to their movements. They will also be creative in moving from one place to another. They are going to participate and cooperate in group performance. They will practice various loco motor skills. It will provide them opportunity to experiment with movement to music. It will also improve their skills in dancing, gain viable knowledge on keeping oneself fit and healthy. They will execute a certain movement activity with the use of hand props. In line with the Dubai Fitness Challenge: 30X30, students will take part by doing aerobic exercises, play games and other fun filled activities that will help them to be physically active & fit while having fun.